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Have you got time to complete a survey to help John Pring, the man behind the Disability News Service, and Channel 4 Dispatches shine a light on the disability benefits system?

Last month we got a great response to our request for people going through the PIP or ESA appeals process to contact a production company working with ‘a major TV broadcaster’.

We can now reveal that John Pring is working with the producers of a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary which will look at how the disability benefits system affects disabled people.

The producers told us:

Channel 4 Dispatches is making a documentary about how the disability benefits process impacts on disabled people's health and wellbeing. The documentary will examine the impact of assessments and interactions with contractors and the DWP and asks whether more should be done to help service users.

“As part of our programme, we are carrying out a survey to measure this impact.

“All respondents will be anonymous and all the data will be kept securely. It will only take about 15 minutes to complete. We would be grateful for any responses.”

Your contributions will really help Channel 4 to understand the effects that assessments, sanctions and the appeals process have on claimants. They need to hear from people who have been through the system, rather than the DWP, about what the process is really like.

So please do complete the survey if you possibly can.


#2 Kimi 2021-07-15 19:40
I am guessing different experience/proc ess for disabled people in Scotland, Ireland.
#1 EDM 2021-07-14 13:00
Why is it only for England and Wales?

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