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Benefits and Work have now published a guide to the online PIP2 ‘How your disability affects you’ claim form.

The online claims system was originally supposed to go national in July 2021. But, there have been repeated delays and it appears that it is still only at the pilot stage.

The pilot version of the online form that we have seen is not, in reality, an online form at all.

Instead, claimants who have both a mobile phone number and an email address are sent a link to their email address which allows them to download a pdf and/or a Word version of the PIP2 form.

You can complete the form bit-by-bit, saving it to a laptop or desktop as you go.

When you have completed the form you return it via a link you received in the original email.

You can also send photographs or scans of supporting evidence with the PIP2 form or afterwards, using the same link.

However, it also seems that some claimants are now receiving a paper version of the PIP2 form that matches the online claim form.

The paper version of the of the new PIP2 form is likely to be dated January 2021 or later on the bottom left of each page

The main difference from earlier versions of the PIP2 form, is that the new form contains fewer tick boxes, especially those relating to aids and appliances and to help from another person. In many ways, it is just a blank A4 sheet for each PIP activity.

Given that the DWP seem to be using the new claims system with only a very small percentage of claimants at present, things may change without us being aware of it.

So, if you have been invited to claim online, or sent a new version of the claim form, and it differs from the details in our guide, we’d be very pleased to hear from you.

There is a simple Feedback form you can complete to pass information on to us.

PIP 2 form


#3 members guide uk 2021-09-19 16:03
So basically you have to use the original pip form fir guidance and support for the pip2 new form and use step by step each part daily living and mobility to moving around
#2 Citizens Advice Teignbridge 2021-09-15 10:46
all my clients who have applied for PIP over the past few months have been sent the new form, even when they not been offered the online version.
My impression is that no one is being sent the old form with the additional tick boxes, regardless of whether they have been offered the online version or not.
+1 #1 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2021-09-09 16:26
the new form contains fewer tick boxes, especially those relating to aids and appliances and to help from another person.

The above abstract is obviously not beneficial to the claimant hence less tick boxes relating to aids and appliances & help from another person.

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