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A member has warned us about a misleading letter they received from an assessment provider which led to them missing out on having an official recording of their PIP assessment.

According to our member the letter stated that "at the start of the call if I wish to have it recorded to ask".

Our member did so, but was told that if they wished to have the assessment recorded they had to inform the provider in advance. Asking on the day was not an option.

Rather than try to rearrange the appointment, our member went ahead with the assessment and covertly recorded it on their phone.

So, this is just a reminder to readers that regardless of what letters are sent out, the current position is that if you want to have your PIP assessment recoded you need to arrange this in advance by contacting the assessment provider as soon as you get a letter from them.

And, as we stress in our guide, it’s always worth considering making a covert recording of the call yourself, in case anything goes wrong with the official recording.


#2 borkwen 2021-09-15 17:12
Don't let them bully you Sarah. Refuse to have the assessment without a recording. If it isn't recorded the assessors and DWP can claim all sorts of things that are untrue - recording tends to encourage them to do things accurately and honestly!
#1 Sarah 2021-09-15 11:34
Is it recommended to have it officially recorded? I'm wondering whether to - they say it will need to be rescheduled.

It's worth noting that although we're only allowed one re-scheduling, i have already used that up but have been offered a second re-scheduling for Capita to record.

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