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The hearing to decide whether legacy benefits claimants should receive the same £20 uplift that universal credit claimants were awarded will now take place on 17 and 18 November.

A hearing had been listed in the High Court for 28 and 29 September to decide whether the government had broken the law by awarding the additional £20 a week to universal credit claimants during the pandemic, but not awarding it to claimants of legacy benefits, such as ESA.

However, the original hearing was adjourned because no judge was available to hear it.

We’ll keep readers posted on the progress of the case.


+1 #2 dontt 2021-10-13 17:24
I certainly wont hold my breath waiting for a posative outcome on this case ,

I am still entirely perplexed as to why so many of us have never been migrated to pip from dla, in my own personal opinion I can only assume that I have not been migrated to pip either due to the fact that I won my case after a 2 year battle and 2 seperate tribunals to be awarded middle rate care and high rate mobility / severe disablement allowance

or is it because I have a mortgage to pay and it is far cheaper for them to lone me £20 every four weeks smi than pay £500 a month to my local council for rented accomodation ???

mean while the tory rulers are gearing up for another massive campaign of onslaught to further demonise and humiliate the disabled populous on the grounds that the millions spent during the pandemic were caused by the disabled community ? when it would seem to be the case that we received not 1 single penny of support from them ???

WHY can this be allowed to happen , I personally know 5 people who claimed furlough/ UC/ tax breaks / ppe expenses during the pandemic and either did not lose a days work or simply were no longer self employed

I cannot wait until the day comes when the Scottish GOV take full resposability for disabled adults assistance due to be olled out in spring of 2022 as I will qualify for BASRIS ( benefit access special rules in scotland ) the SNP have vowed that all claiments who meet the criteria will never again be forced into a re assessment and will receive the highest rates for both care and mobility for life ......

this is the way it should be done let disabled people who have a life long progressive condition live without undue stress and allow them some dignity instead of the constant dreconian demonisation by the tory gov .
#1 Angel 2021-10-05 11:12
Thanks for the Update :lol:

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