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Form Heading

Last month we warned that PIP success rates have fallen because the DWP are disallowing claims where they say the PIP2 form arrived late, even though the claimant returned it in good time.

We urged claimants to get proof of postage from a post office so they could challenge any such claim by the DWP. But we also asked for suggestions for people who are unable to get to a post office.

Lots of you got in touch to tell us about the Royal Mail collect service, which will collect a letter from you home and post it, giving you proof of postage as part of the service.

At the moment the service seems to only cost 30p, though this will be going up next month, possibly to 70p.

Given the amount of time and distress involved in trying to challenge a decision that you failed to return a form in time, if you don’t have evidence, this service is definitely worth considering.

You can find more details on the Royal Mail website.


#2 clearwater 2021-10-18 20:23
.is it possible to drop off a claim at your local or nearest DWP office?

#1 sarahlv 2021-10-14 13:46
My son has just had his pip stopped because apparently the form arrived too late.
Will be challenging decision
Pathetic of DWP to do this to people who already have difficulties in life

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