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The first details of the new assessment contracts for PIP, ESA and UC have been announced. The contracts split the UK into five regions, hand over £2 billion to the private sector over five years and allow the DWP to decide what proportion of assessments will be telephone or face-to-face, regardless of actual claimant needs.

Under the new claimant Functional Assessment Services (FAS) system, the UK will be divided into five regions from 1 August 2023:

Lot 1 – Northern England and Scotland 647,600,000

Lot 2 – Midlands and Wales 473,400,000

Lot 3 – South West England 338,000,000

Lot 4 – London, South East & East Anglia 396,800,000

Lot 5- Northern Ireland 105,100,000

In each region, a single company will carry out all the PIP, ESA and UC assessments.

The total value of the contracts is £2 billion, rising to £2.8 billion if the DWP chooses to extend the contract for an additional two years.

The Scottish government will be taking over PIP assessments itself in advance of August 2023, but there will be a few claims that are already underway which will still be dealt with by private sector assessors.

The bid winners will be paid for a 10 month ‘implementation phase’ during which they will have to get all their staff recruited and trained, acquire premises and set up IT systems before going live.

The DWP will provide one IT system for supporting PIP and a separate system for all other benefits.

However, bidders are warned that various changes may take place throughout the life of the contract.

These changes include alterations in the ‘channel mix’ as the DWP term it. 

What this makes clear is that it is the DWP, not assessment providers who will decide what proportion of claimants receive a telephone or face-to-face assessment.The document gives the example: “change in proportional requirements relating to virtual assessments and face to face assessments. For example, the requirement may change from 60% face-to-face to 20%'.

This means that assessment providers will be working to meet targets for types of assessment, regardless of whether that means that some claimants are obliged to have an inappropriate method of assessment.

You can read more details of the contract on the Find A Tender website.


+1 #4 TwistedWitch 2021-11-24 11:53
Functional Assessment Services (FAS) surely that is a misnomer. Didn't they mean to name it FICTIONAL Assessment Services, because most of what comes out of this assessment is pure fiction!
+2 #3 MrFibro 2021-11-22 19:45
Just amazing how these Tory W****RS, can throw away nigh on 3 billion nicker to dodgy, bent, lying, cheating bonus driven, assessment providers and assessors.

And to top it all no one cares or gives a toss about the sick, ill, disabled, vulnerable people of Britain .

Otherwise if they did this would not be happening at all. You'd had thought this money would be better spent elsewhere, rather than re-investing ( further investing) in new outsourced third party assessment providers.

I can see why DWP wont do inhouse assessments and save such billions, it's because palming it off to 3rd parties means they can wash their hands easily off any dodgy doing.

And when things go pairshaped they just simply sack the providers, and wait til things blow over, then give them back new contracts worth more money, and they just re-brand their names.

Looks like 2022 is going to be the start of many more years of discontent for claimants.

Watch the death rates go up with claimants due to more added stress placed upon their already failing- deteriorating health.

Corruption at it finest once again.
#2 denby 2021-11-22 14:32
Is there a not-for-profit that will monitor the outcome of this abortion-is-not -a-strong-enoug h-word decision, please?
And can anyone ascertain eg by FOI what the DWP will base its proportion of assessment type diktats on?
+1 #1 ThisGovernmentsGoneToFar 2021-11-22 13:41
Added some of this before, now with a few tweaks regarding this nightmare that's going to be bestowed upon many claimants when this finally rolls out?

What will happen is these so called assessments will discriminate claimants on both benefits,, I really can't see how, they the DWP can have one assessment provider for UC, ESA and PIP? It will be a recipe for disaster.

Claimants stand to loose all benefits in one foul swoop?

PIP is supposed to be for disabled in, or out of work?

I'm afraid for the many this will have an affect on, this government really hate the disabled and less well off. This needs stopping as the deaths will pile up even more than the poor soles that have lost their lives through these draconian policy's.

The DWP motivations regarding this is and very dangerous indeed?

It will be a sad day when this corrupt idea takes hold.

It must be stopped before it's to late.

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