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Form Heading

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) says disabled claimants are being unfairly targeted for fraud investigations by a secret algorithm and forced to fill in forms over 80 pages long.

The group, supported by tech action organisation Foxglove has issued a letter before action to the DWP asking how the algorithm works and what is done to eliminate bias so that disabled claimants are not unfairly investigated.

GMCDP say that a huge percentage of their group has been hit by the investigations make long and frustrating calls to call centres, dealing with confusing phone menus and unhelpful operators with no training to assist disabled and vulnerable people.

Others must fill in forms of over 80 pages that ask the same questions again and again.

The group says that disabled claimants are forced to repeatedly explain why they need payments in an aggressive and humiliating process that can last up to a year.

The Manchester coalition have so far crowdfunded just over £4,000 of a £5,000 target using the Crowdjustice platform to help them meet the legal costs of challenging the DWP. There is a deadline of 31 December to raise the rest of the funds.

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