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New PIP claims reached their highest level ever recorded in the quarter to October 2021, with 180,000 claims in three months, according to statistics released by the DWP last month. However DLA to PIP success rates have fallen.

Award rates for DLA to PIP reassessments are down to 62%, from 63% in July and well below the overall average of 70%.

Award rates for new PIP claims, on the other hand, have risen. They were at 41% in October 2021, compared to just 30% in July. The overall award rate since PIP was introduced also stands at 41%.

The success rate for claimants who got as far as an assessment was 48% in October, slightly up on 47% for July. However, this is still significantly below the overall rate since PIP was introduced, which is 55%.

This suggests that assessments are getting hard to pass over time.

You can read the full statistics on the .gov.uk website.

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