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26 July 2007

Benefits and Work has obtained the two most recent copies of the confidential Decision Makers Exchange bulletin, sent out to DLA decision makers.

Issue 76, June 2007
Should a claim be considered under special rules where the claimant stated they had a brain tumour and was receiving only palliative care?
Blindness conditions for higher rate mobility do not require 100% blindness.
Offsetting of arrears against an overpayment.
Following recommendations made by the Independent Case Examiner, DM's are reminded that if they receive a tribunal decision which gives a better award than one given by the DM on any subsequent claim, they may need to revise their decision in line with the tribunal's.

Issue 75, May 2007
Not all staff are aware that some DLA medicals are now carried out at Medical Examination Centres.
A claim can be treated as made from the date of receipt of Special rules form DS1500 if this is advantageous to the customer.
Medical evidence requirements for higher rate mobility
Advice from Medical Services should not be submitted as evidence to appeal hearings.
Potential appeals to the commissioner sought: preparation of special diet as attention; serious deterioration brought about by extensive walking sufficient to meet higher rate mobility test.

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