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It’s important to understand that ‘aid or appliance’ has a particular legal definition for the purposes of personal independence payment (PIP).  The law states that “aid or appliance”:
(a) means a device to improve, provide or replace a physical or mental function;
(b) includes a prosthesis; and
(c) does not include an aid or appliance ordinarily used by a person without a physical or mental condition which limits that person’s ability to carry out daily living or mobility activities.

Aid or appliance is relevant to a number of personal independence payment activities, including:


1.  Preparing food
2. Taking nutrition.
3. Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition.
4. Washing and bathing.
5. Managing toilet needs or incontinence.
6. Dressing and undressing.
7. Communicating verbally.
8. Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words.


2. Moving around.