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They should be, though much depends on the quality of the personal independence payment (PIP) medical assessment and the independence of decision makers.

Guidance issued by the DWP states that:

“An individual must be able to complete an activity descriptor reliably, in a timely fashion, repeatedly and safely, and where appropriate using suitable aids and appliances.”

So, for example, if you can ‘bathe and groom unaided’ you will not score any points for that activity.  But if it takes you hours to do so or it would be dangerous to leave you alone to bathe then you may score points.

The DWP have emphasised that pain and fatigue will be taken into account when deciding if an activity can be carried out repeatedly and safely.

If you are awaiting treatment but have not yet had it at the time of assessment, you should be scored as if no treatment has taken place, rather than the decision maker  guessing what effect it might have.