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There are only two rates of the daily living component of PIP and the government said they intended to cut the bill for DLA payments by 20% when it became PIP, although by early 2019 the process has in fact added 15-20% to the welfare bill. This cost-cutting aim led some people to believe that anyone who gets the lower rate of the care component of DLA will get nothing under PIP.

However, this is simply not true – the reality is much more complex. Some people on the lowest rate have lost their award under PIP, but others have undoubtedly qualified at least for the standard rate of PIP, because the criteria for the two benefits are so different. Latest DWP statistics to October 2018 confirm that over 52,000 of nearly 94,000 DLA claimants who received the lowest rate of the care component have gone on to receive a daily living component under PIP.