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After 28 days, PIP daily living component is not payable to in-patients in hospital or residents of care homes where all or part of the costs are met from public funds. PIP mobility component is not affected if you are in a care home.

After 28 days PIP mobility component is not payable if you are in hospital.

If you are under 18 when you are admitted to hospital your PIP is not affected.

There are complex linking rules which might mean that your PIP stops earlier than 28 days if you have had a previous admission to hospital or care home.

The rules relating to care homes and PIP are different if you are funded by the NHS. In most cases you will be treated as though you are a hospital in-patient and the hospital rules will apply

An underlying entitlement will continue during periods in a hospital or care home, so that payment can be resumed when the claimant leaves, providing all the other qualifying conditions are still met.