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PIP rates from April 2016 are as follows:

Daily Living component of PIP

Standard rate       £55.10

Enhanced rate      £82.30

Mobility component of PIP

Standard rate        £21.80

Enhanced rate       £57.45


#2 tomtom1 2016-04-21 17:52
Phone them up Ian and tell them it's far too far if you are in pain. They do this with a lot of people and its probs a test to see if you can stand and wait for a bus then sit for a good amount of time and then get off the bus and get to the medical bull S*it centre. Think on Ian and phone them if its to far. Good luck.
#1 ian 2016-01-24 15:03
just been called to a medical i live in bristol have been told to go to glooucester

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