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PIP Consultation Centre
24 Grange Street

Can you tell other claimants anything about travel and facilities for this PIP face-to-face assessment centre?

Please post in the comments section below if you can.

Things like:

  • Distance to nearest bus stop or rail station.
  • Nearest parking, any disabled parking.
  • Distance to walk if you’re dropped as close to the door as possible.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Toilets, including disabled toilets.
  • Ground floor or first floor.
  • Lift available.
  • Anything else you think might be helpful.

Please don’t comment on the staff though – we won’t be able to publish your comments if you do.


+1 #2 Shadow1 2018-02-12 03:22
I have been to the PIP Consultation Centre in Grange Road,Darligton and i would like to add the following.
1.The train station is about two miles away and bus stops for local and other transport is about 200 yards away.
2.There is a car park at the rear of the premises and this is where you enter the building.There are disabled car parking but as this is private everyone has to pay.
3.Wheel Chair access is there at the door.
5.Toilets and disabled toilets are in the building on the ground floor as this is the only floor for the building.
6.The door to the premises is at the rea and to get into the premises you have to use the intercom.
The premises are well laid out and very impressive.
I hope that this is helpful to all.
Ron Cox
#1 Shadow1 2018-02-12 03:14
The address is in correct it should read Grange Road, Darlington and not Grange Street, Darlington as printed.

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