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Greenbank Centre
Ripon Street

Can you tell other claimants anything about travel and facilities for this PIP face-to-face assessment centre? Please post in the comments section below if you can. 

Things like:

  • Distance to nearest bus stop or rail station.
  • Nearest parking, any disabled parking.
  • Distance to walk if you’re dropped as close to the door as possible.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Toilets, including disabled toilets.
  • Ground floor or first floor.
  • Lift available.
  • Anything else you think might be helpful.

Please don’t comment on the staff though – we won’t be able to publish your comments if you do.


#5 Aunteater 2019-05-13 16:49
Distance to bus stop 5 minutes.
Distance to train station 20 minutes walking approximately and 5 minutes in a taxi.
Disabled parking from 20 steps to building entrance.
20 steps to the entrance when dropped directly outside.
Wheelchair access and disabled toilets accessible.
All on ground floor, some rooms quite far down the corridors, and generally you are taken to the furthest room.
#4 Pauline Bolton 2016-03-03 07:48
Had to travel 21 miles by car couldnt possible have reached this place by bus. disabled parking right outside the door, ramp and handle rail up to the door. inside all on ground level. all staff very pleasant. bit of a walk from the waiting area down a corridor to the consulting room.
#3 Natalie 2016-02-10 15:22
Large car park, plenty of disabled parking. Rooms are a bit of a walk but the assessor doesnt try to rush you and allows you to stop as you need to. I have been twice to be assessed here. The staff are friendly and sympathetic and both times have gone back through everything they have typed to ensure there is nothing left out. IMO both times it was carried out how it should have been rather than the horror stories you hear of in other centres. A positive experience and possibly should be a flagship centre to show others how it should be done.
+1 #2 PAUL HOGARTH 2016-01-28 20:44
This centre is about 25 miles from my home but I found it with a Sat Nav although the centre's postcode does not take you to Ripon Street even though I was using the latest TomTom map. If you input the Postcode PR1 7LX (a house opposite I found using Google StreetView) you will easily find it.

Good sized carpark with plenty of Disabled Bays and ramp access so that I could use my mobility scooter. There is a disabled toilet in the main waiting room but the examination room was a surprising distance down one of several corridors that run off the main area.

Overall I found the experience quite positive and my assessor was helpful and sympathetic. Despite this I did inexplicably become emotional when she was summarising my conditions even though she had neither said or done anything to cause such a response.

Having read about the nightmare situations some members have found themselves in when dealing with ATOS I was pleasantly surprised that I had no issues,

In fact, after a honest exchange with the assessor I was awarded the standard rate of Care component when I only received the lower rate with DLA so I potentially could have been one of the many losers had it not been for your Guides.

Sadly, I believe this process is too dependent on the disabled person's verbal and written communication skills so it is important to seek help if you are not confident in this area.
#1 bignick47 2016-01-13 15:18
Been twice. 2nd time for re-assesment.7

The centre is easily accessibe and has disabled parking and wheelchair ramps. The waiting room us large and ALL sets are overseen by the receptionist.
The interview rooms are all on the ground floor, and a fair walk.

I saw the same female assessor each time. She was VERY thorough but pleasant and a good listener.

My regular tears and confusion were taken on board, and the physical exam took full account of the pain it caused.

All in all it was positive.

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