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PIP Consultation Centre
Newfield House
Vicarage Lane

Can you tell other claimants anything about travel and facilities for this PIP face-to-face assessment centre? Please post in the comments section below if you can. 

Things like:

  • Distance to nearest bus stop or rail station.
  • Nearest parking, any disabled parking.
  • Distance to walk if you’re dropped as close to the door as possible.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Toilets, including disabled toilets.
  • Ground floor or first floor.
  • Lift available.
  • Anything else you think might be helpful.

Please don’t comment on the staff though – we won’t be able to publish your comments if you do.


#2 Mary 2016-06-03 07:22
You are sent a map and precise instructions on where to park. Parking is at the back 3 or 4 Atos spaces adjacent to the ramp. But no wide disabled parking spaces - awkward getting car door open wide enough to get out and unload walking aids. The ramp is purpose built with a gentle slope. There is a rail on the left as you go in but no rail on the right.
To get in you press the intercom, say who you are and the time of your appointment. You are told to stand back from the outward opening door which the receptionist opens remotely. Once in the small lobby, immediately in front of you, is a well equipped disabled loo.
To your left is an opaque glazed door which opens into the stark reception area. The reception desk is further on, there are no chairs in the approach area but about 15 chairs in the reception area, some with arms. There is a chair with arms at reception, you show your ID and your companion signs in. The receptionist will explain if they are running late and you will be given a form and prepaid envelope to claim travelling costs. Then you wait to be called! There is a water fountain and a few magazines. No pictures but a CCTV with a rolling message about the assessment - I didn't realise until then that I would be having a physical examination! The examiner comes to fetch you and take you through to the consulting room. I was asked if I wanted.a chair with arms. There was an examining couch against the far wall
with a portable step. Thankfully I didn't have to climb up! The interview lasted over an hour. The person I saw was very easy to talk to, nevertheless I was glad to leave and felt drained and had a headache. Hope this helps people.
#1 Rachel 2016-01-28 02:53
This centre is not to bad from what I can see. The bus stops are on the door step. You have to go to the back of this building with a car park though did not notice disabled space as I went by taxi. There was spaces for the ATOS but did not know if for staff or visits not very clear. How well you will be able to park once the other office spaces in this build are rented out is another thing. The centre is on the ground floor with plenty of space inside the waiting area and the room I went in. Has disable toilets wheelchair ramp on the outside.

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