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Tadcaster Medical Centre (Currently unavailable) 
Crab Garth
North Yorkshire
LS24 8HD

Can you tell other claimants anything about travel and facilities for this PIP face-to-face assessment centre? Please post in the comments section below if you can. 

Things like:

  • Distance to nearest bus stop or rail station.
  • Nearest parking, any disabled parking.
  • Distance to walk if you’re dropped as close to the door as possible.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Toilets, including disabled toilets.
  • Ground floor or first floor.
  • Lift available.
  • Anything else you think might be helpful.

Please don’t comment on the staff though – we won’t be able to publish your comments if you do.


#2 Carole 2017-08-14 12:04
UPDATE to my previous comment.

I attended TADCASTER MEDICAL CENTRE on 19th July 2017. My husband and I had to go by taxi as we were both in powerchairs - (round trip cost: £160 - refunded)

There is a ramp, but (a) it is very narrow with a sharp 180 degree corner at the top and (b) the first door you come to is automatic, but be very careful of the "ramp" up to the door as it could tip you backwards. Yes, it IS that bad. The second door, immediately after the automatic one is NOT automatic!

The assessment room I was directed to was down a very narrow corridor, on the ground floor. I had great difficulty getting through this door and was told, rather impatiently, to "hurry up - you're using up all the assessment time at this rate", and then came: "can't you walk into the room?"

I don't believe there were any lifts to upstairs, although there was a disabled toilet, again down a corridor and not wide enough to take a powerchair into. My husband had to get out of his chair to go to the toilet!!

The assessor did open the non-automatic door for us as we went out, but by then, I had damaged my Motability powerchair,

If you are assigned to Tadcaster Medical Centre BEWARE. If you phone them they will tell you it is wheelchair accessible, but it can be difficult if, like me, you are a novice at driving a powerchair. As we were coming out a lady with a mobility scooter was coming in - she left her scooter outside. I think that says it all really!
#1 Carole 2017-07-11 13:23
North Yorkshire - Tadcaster Medical Centre (Currently unavailable)
Category: Yorkshire & Humberside Atos
Tadcaster Medical Centre (Currently unavailable)
Crab Garth, Tadcaster LS24 8HD

I'm now really concerned! On your list, this centre is "currently unavailable, so WHY do I have my assessment there next Wednesday, 19th July??

When I contacted Independent Assessment Services (previously ATOS) they told me this centre was "only about 7 miles away from Harrogate!" It turns out they were very, very wrong - it is 20 MILES away and is going to cost £40 each way for me to travel to this centre. My husband is accompanying me and as he is also a powerchair user, it will cost a further £40 each way for him too, but we cannot claim for him, just for my travel expenses. I have already ordered my Travel Reclaim Pack to be waiting for me at the centre, but should I phone up and double check that it IS an available assessment centre?? I'm totally confused and very concerned.

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