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PIP mandatory reconsideration and JSA sanction success
“First want to say thank you to you all. I could not and indeed would not have done it without your factual, helpful and prompt replies. I did chase my MP and received a reply from them almost by return with an apology from DWP…Today I got a large back pay and standard rate care award and enhanced level mobility unchanged.

   PIP reconsideration success
“After reading my support letter as well as my report they have decided to award me the extra 2 points giving me a total of 12 for the Enhanced care on daily living component. It is with only reading this great web site, that give great advice that I decided to pursue this further. Once again thanks for all your valuable support and advice.”



DLA to PIP success
“…pleased and relieved that they recognised my needs…Thank you so much for producing the guides, they are so helpful and made me feel supported, even though I was still very stressed throughout the whole process.”




PIP success
“Hello, I had the letter a few days ago…I'm happy that I have good news. I got awarded the standard rate of daily living, no mobility. From March 2014 till Feb 2017. That's a result I never expected to receive. It should help me with my health a lot…I used the guide from Benefits and Work, and had magnificant help from other people. I'm very grateful to everyone here. Thank you.”

PIP result
“Partner had a result for PIP without a face-face...Standard Daily (Living)…Again the guides etc on here had a massive part in this result.. Thanks”

PIP decision – success!
“I would just like to thank you and your site for helping me through my pip claim! I have been awarded enhanced rate care and enhanced rate mobility I feel so relieved I could cry! Many thanks for all your help!”

PIP awarded
“I have received a decision from DWP and have been awarded Higher Rate [Daily Living] and Lower Rate [Mobility]. Thank you to all at B&W for the quality and accuracy of all your advice and information.”

PIP success
“The dreaded brown envelope dropped on the mat this morning. I have been awarded enhanced rate for care and standard rate for mobility…Thank you so much for your excellent guides and patient support...”

PIP enhanced rates awarded
“Many thanks for your excellent web site and help I've received...Received a decision yesterday and it was for the enhanced rate for both components. I can't thank you enough for the help and support.”

PIP enhanced daily living and mobility
“I also wanted to thank you for this website as it helped me be aware on the assessment and also helped me with ESA support group Tribunal last year. I have just received notification that I have been awarded enhanced PIP for living and mobility. I know I wouldn't have got this result without your guides so would like to thank you very much for providing this website. Now I can get a blue badge, create parking in my garden and hopefully leave my house more than 6 times a year! I will also be able to get someone to go shopping with me (only been shopping once this year) so the difference this will make is amazing. Thank you so much.”

 PIP enhanced mobility and daily living
“Letter arrived Saturday, awarded mobility and daily living at enhanced rates. Would like to thank all those involved with this site for their knowledge and help.”

PIP enhanced care and mobility
“A few days ago the brown envelope dropped through the letterbox, and I am very relieved and pleased to report that my husband has been awarded enhanced care and mobility for 3 years.
I cannot explain how we both felt in fact we were quite dazed. I cannot believe it is all over for at least 3 years…The site is worth every penny of your membership fee, and I , as before will keep up my membership, even though, we have been successful this time, I may need their help along the way again…I am so grateful to you all for your wonderful informative site and cannot thank you enough for your help.”

 PIP Success
“I have been awarded Standard care and standard mobility for 3 years, to be reassessed in November 2016! I'm so chuffed and relieved. I can finally sleep at night and feel like a massive weight has been lifted! Thank you to this forum and it's members for the help and support.” 

PIP success
“Huge, huge thank you…Well ive been crying with relief for an hour now, Thank you so much for your brilliant website and knowledge, I had my PIP decision today…low rate care and High rate Mobility. I can't thank you enough. Wonderful, just wonderful”

 PIP been awarded at last!
“…got my letter on Saturday from the DWP…I have been given enhanced daily living component…my husband and I would like to thank you for your excellent guides that helped us at the medical and gain the money. The best subs I have ever spent Thank from the bottom of my heart.”


Finally - PIP awarded
“I have received the brown envelope today and finally contains good news, I have been awarded the daily living component, and the mobility component of personal independence payment .I am soo happyyy Thank you sooo much BW for all your support and help and good luck to everyone.”

PIP Success
“… i have just come of the phone to the dwp decision maker who rang me …to inform me i had been awarded enhanced pip and mobility and i would receive backpay to the date i originally applied and he also apologised for the long wait…thanks to B & W for all the guides and help”




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