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Sanctions can apply and your UC be reduced, if you have been placed in theLCW) group and you fail, without good reason, to attend a work-focused interview, or meet work preparation requirements. Your UC will be reduced by the single standard allowance and the reduction will apply until the requirement has been met followed by a fixed period sanction of one week for the first failure, two for the second failure or four weeks for a subsequent failure in a year.

Good reasons for not attending a work-focused interview can include things like being too ill to attend, problems with literacy, language or transport, or any other good cause. If the work coach does not accept your reasons you have the right to ask for a mandatory reconsideration, normally within a month of their decision, followed by an appeal to an independent tribunal if you are still not satisfied.

If you are sanctioned you can apply for a hardship payment if you have no other means of financial support. This will be paid at 60% of your standard allowance and is recovered at a maximum of 40% of your standard allowance once your sanction is lifted.