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ESA WRAG or SUPPORT 7 years 1 month ago #17170

Hello all

I have just received a letter regarding my ESA this morning after my medical at home last week.

They have placed me in the limited capability to work group and said further details will be sent through etc. Is there much difference bewteen the wrag and support group, I know financially it is about £5 but is there much difference besides that and the 6 interviews....not sure whether I should appeal it as I think at the moment I should be in the support group or just accept it. I have not had any WFI as both times when arranged I was very ill (actually under the surgeons knife for the second) and was told I should contact them when I feel I am able to make another appointment, but have the feeling they are not too bad.

I had an interview at a solicitors thursday regarding my overall benefits and rejected claim for DLA and have been awarded legal aid to help with my appeal and I can ask his advice but I thought it would be good to get advice here from those who have experienced this themselves or know specifically what I mean.

Sorry to be longwinded about it..


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Re:ESA WRAG or SUPPORT 7 years 1 month ago #17176

Hi John,

I think you've summed up the difference between the work-related activity group and the support group quite neatly there. And if what we've read about Pathways agencies parking and creaming is true then you definitely sound like you'll be in the parked section.

So it really depends on whether you feel up to the demands of an appeal - also bearing in mind the probably slim possibility that you could be found capable of work if the decision is looked at again.

Good luck with the DLA.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Re:ESA WRAG or SUPPORT 7 years 1 month ago #17181

Thanks Steve

Probably thinking the difference is not worth the bother overall of appealing and having that to "also" deal with.......

.....but I have started an appeal Steve against my DLA (rejected both mobility / care) do you have any opinion on whether being in the WRAG or Support group would have any bearing on a tribunal panels decision or am I looking too deeply / sceptical at it?

Thanks for the help and advice on this website.


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Re: ESA WRAG or SUPPORT 7 years 1 month ago #17206

Hi John.

Did you apply for DLA after you had your medical for ESA?

Am only asking because i applied for DLA after having an ESA medical which i scored 16 points on (did'nt actually agree with this i thought i should have scored more but did'nt want to appeal it in case it was taken away) anyway i heard back form them in 11 days which was very quick and they said they did not need any info of doctors or anyone they gave me LRC on the medical for ESA. I was also placed in the WRAG group.

I have had 3 pathways interviews and the man i see is so nice he has told me i am wasting my time and his but still have to be seen to be doing there job. No hassle.

Karen x

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Re: ESA WRAG or SUPPORT 7 years 1 month ago #17256

Hi Karen, I applied for DLA and was rejected on both care and mobility and I am just starting the appeal process. I am unsure as to my score for the ESA medical just yet until I receive it from the DWP but I have been put in the WRAG group but after looking through the info supplied on the fact sheets on this website I feel I have should have also passed the test to go into the support group on 3 descriptors so I shall appeal.

It is quite bizarre really how medicals are done....i have read that the Dr MUST call a senior ATOS Dr if they feel someone should be in the support group but my medical was done at home at 5.30 saturday evening so not likely to get the atos office open....the dr was in my home for 25 mins and had soemone waiting outside for him in the car.....as far as I am concerned he asked and answered the questions himself....I believe I "may" have been placed in the wrong group possibly because of the day and time of my appointment...which they made by the way....

Glad it worked out for you, I have heard good reports from people who have had the WFI so I have no concern about them but feel that the fact of being in the support group will increase the likelihood of my DLA appeal being succesful.

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Re: ESA WRAG or SUPPORT 5 years 5 months ago #72955

havin read these letters on this page , i feel i must say som'it ,firstly if you are put into the wrag group this only last's 12 month's ,then it becomes a income based benifit ,this means if you have a partner or any other income you wont get ESA again after 12 month's the wrag group is a contrubition benifit so this group is based on national ins contrubions,so if you have a company penison you wont get anthing and if your income is more than goverment say its more than yer need to live on then its tuff welldone voters

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