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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

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Enhanced rate PIP
“Thanks to this Wonderfull site I Finally Got the Enchanced Rate Of PIP in both Care And Mobility
Thank You All So Much”

PIP and ESA Good News
“Hi everyone, I was awarded full PIP recently, and have also been through the I.B migration to ESA process, I got the dreaded brown envelope recently, I have been put into the Support Group without the need for a medical. Phew!! Thanks to this site and support from my family none of this would have been possible with out all the support guides available on this incredible site.

PIP and ESA success
“Just to let everyone know that thanks to the guides and advice from [the moderators], I have been successful at Mandatory Reviews for my son. He has been awarded enhanced rate mobility and care for PIP, and a telephone call this morning to say he has been awarded ESA support group. I believe this is down to the detailed information we submitted for both the PIP and ESA original decisions… many thanks for all the information”

Thanks to you I got my PIP
“I've been awarded both pip for 2 years … It's all due to you for the advice…”

Personal Independence Payment claim success rates

PIP is not an easy benefit to claim successfully. So far, according to the DWP's own statistics, just 45% of new claims for personal independence payment have been successful where the claimant is not terminally ill.  The success rate for DLA to PIP transfers is currently 69%.

Find out more about how our guides can improve your chances of the correct decision being made in your case, whether you are:

Completing the 'How Your Disability Affects You' claim form
Attending a face-to-face medical assessment
Lodging a PIP appeal

Or give yourself the best possible chance of success by becoming a Benefits and Work member right now and getting instant access to all our downloadable resources.

Take Our Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Self-Test And Check Your Score

Use our simple personal independence payment self-test to score yourself and even have your results emailed to you.

You can also find out how the personal independence payment (PIP) points system works.

Download Our Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Guides

Benefits and Work has published a suite of guides to PIP claims and appeals.

Our 84 page guide to claiming PIP takes you through the whole complex process of making a claim, from the initial telephone call, through completing the ‘How your disability affects you’ form and on to your face-to-face assessment.   You can download sample pages from the July 2015 version of the guide from this link.

We've also published a 19 page guide to PIP appeals will guide you safely through the  mandatory reconsideration and appeal process.  Use the appeal guide along with our 32 page guide to written appeal submissions and our 23 page guide to challenging PIP medicpersonal independence payment pip appealsal reports - with over 50 different grounds for appeal - and you'll be giving yourself the best possible chance of a successful appeal.

So, if you’re an individual claimant, charity or advice agency needing detailed information about PIP, subscribe now and you can download our guides instantly.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Timetable

Current DLA claimants have already started to be reassessed for personal independence payment (PIP) in some areas.  By October 2018, it is intended that all current DLA claimants will have been assessed for personal independence payment (PIP) instead.

You can see the full timetable for the introduction of personal independence payment (PIP).