It’s never been more important to know what’s happening to your benefits.

Major changes to personal independence payment (PIP), universal credit (UC) and employment and support allowance (ESA)) are underway.

Knowing what’s around the corner means you can be better prepared for it.

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UC migration

For example, one in seven claimants forcibly moved from legacy benefits to UC never complete the process, losing hundreds of pounds a month.

Our newsletter keeps you updated on which group is being targeted for migration next, so you can make sure you are ready.

PIP assessment changes

Work capability assessments and PIP assessments will soon be carried out by the same company in each geographical area.  Capita, Ingeus, Maximus and Serco have all won contracts under the new system.

Information from one assessment can be used in the other, making all assessments higher stakes.

Our newsletter will let you know when the new system comes in and how it works.

WCA made harsher

The government plans to make the WCA harsher, in advance of plans to abolish it altogether.  At the same time, they also claim that they intend never to assess current ESA support group and UC Limited capability for Work-Related Activity claimants again.

Our newsletter will keep you informed about which of these plans actually happens, when and how it will affect you.

Regular updates

Our newsletter will keep you abreast of all the latest DWP news and statistics. 

Are mandatory reconsiderations getting more successful or less? 

How long are appeals taking and what is the success rate?

Has there been a new legal case that means some claimants are entitled to backdated payments because the DWP has been getting the law wrong?

Readers have received payments of thousands of pounds in some cases, because we told them about legal cases that applied to them.

Plus there’s a wealth of other benefits-related news stories and feedback from members on how their claims and appeals have gone.

And all this information is all absolutely free.

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