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Get the Benefits you're entitled to

Don't lose out just because the system isn't fair.

Are you being transferred from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP)? Or from ESA to Universal Credit? Are you making a fresh claim or renewal claim? Or pursuing a mandatory reconsideration or appeal for ESA, PIP or UC?

Are you worried that the forms are complex and unclear, the medicals may be rushed and inaccurate and the decisions unfair? If so, use our expert, step-by-step guides and give yourself the best possible chance of getting your legal entitlement.

We’ll warn you of pitfalls, offer you specialist tips and tactics and guide you through every part of this bewildering process. 

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We support claimants and professionals.  Organisations who have subscribed include:

Royal College of Nursing, Spinal Injuries Association, Chesterfield Law Centre, Coventry Mind, Colchester Borough Council, Birmingham CAB


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Benefits advice
Unfortunately we cannot give benefits information or advice to individual claimants. Visit our Help with benefits page for a free, downloadable guide to getting help with your benefits.

Other ways to contact us
Please note:  we have no connection with the DWP, please do not send us medical evidence, claim forms or any other documents related to a benefits claim or appeal.
Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd
PO Box 63
EX13 9AP

Fax: 01392 894940

Telephone: we have been getting upwards of 30 calls a day from people either wanting benefits advice or believing that we are part of the DWP. As a result it is no longer possible to contact us by telephone.

{optimizerpro 2 o}Have you had enough of struggling to get what you're entitled to from an impossibly complex, confusing and unfair benefits system? Of not knowing what lies behind all those questions, forms and medical examinations?

Subscribe to Benefits and Work and you'll instantly put an end to the misery of not knowing:  not knowing what you need to write in the hundreds of boxes in that claim pack; not knowing what's going to happen at your medical; not knowing how best to prepare for an appeal.

Subscribe right now and you'll instantly get a full year's unlimited access to all our renowned guides to:

  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance

and more and to all the DWP materials we've obtained using the Freedom of Information Act. You also get unlimited access to all our members only news stories and the chance to share worries, get support and make friends in our members only forum.

What are the limits on what I can use?Feedback:  The best money I have ever spent!
You can visit and download everything you need as often as you need for a full year.

All we ask is that you only use the resources for yourself or the person you're providing care for. If you want to use the guides in the course of your work then please join as a professional.

What does it cost?
A subscription to Benefits and Work costs just £19.45 for a full year. It comes with a full money-back guarantee.  Give our guides a try for 7 days. If they don't make a dramatic difference to how well you get on with whatever you're doing - completing a claim pack, getting ready for a medical or preparing an appeal - email us and tell us why you're not happy and we'll issue you with a full and courteous refund.

How do I subscribe right now?
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Once you've registered, log in and then click on the New subscription link that will appear in the left-hand margin of every page (see right).  Then click on the Paypal button at the bottom of the New Subscription page to pay via Paypal. (See below if you don't wish to use PayPal).

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If you're not a Paypal member, after you click on the Paypal button look for the heading 'Don't have a Paypal account? and click on the Continue link beneath to pay with any credit or debit card.

Don't want to use PayPal?
Paying by PayPal is the only way that gives you immediate access to the members area.  However, If you'd prefer not to use PayPal,  you can also pay using Google Checkout or by post. However, please note that none of these methods will give you instant access: Google Checkout will take one working day and post may take up to a week.

How to pay by Google Checkout or by post.

If have any problems at all with registering or subscribing, drop us an email and we'll help you sort it out.




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