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4 years 6 months ago #236065 by Magpie
Hi Everyone,

I have not posted in 6 years but wanted to give Benefits & Work and everyone an update on my current claims for ESA and PIP.

As a background thank you to Benefits and Work for their guidance on Mandatory Reconsideration , which I used 6 years ago. I was able to sucessfully be moved from WRAG to Support Group after getting a copy of the report showing the assessor completely lied and did not refer to evidence given.

In June 2019 I had my first reassessment since 6 years ago (being in the Support Group - Contribution Based). I filled in the form and sent copious medical evidence. I requested my f2f be recordeded based on last fiasco I went through. I was seen by qualified nurse who had my claim form and documents (big difference from last time). Astonshiingly at the end of the interview, she advised "you will get a letter and we will review you in about a year or two! Just do what you did this time and submit all your medical documents"! Sure enough received my letter dated 29/07/19 and I have remained in the Support Group!.

So thank you once again Benefits and Work for your INVALUABLE advice and Guidance on how to fill in these forms and what my rights are for face to face assessments!

I got the dreaded brown envelope to claim PIP. Incidentally the date of the tetter was 3rd July did not receive it until 20th July! - huge delay requesting to submit by 3rd August. On 29th July I got a letter from PIP out of the blue that I have an extenison to submit the claim form till 17th August - I don't know if my ESA positive result had anything to do with this since date of ESA decision letter is the same date of PIP letter extension.

Anyway I managed to just get my form off on 15/07/19 as I have had acute vertigo for 3 weeks. Sent off via Special Delivery and then tracking was not being updated - which worried me and stressed me out greatly. The tracking was updated on Saturday morning at 03:47 am saying due for delivery but then no further update until today 19/07/19 saying delivered!.

I called the PIP office and immediately advised that I sent the form via Special Delivery since 15/08/19 but there have been postal delays, with tracking not updating properly but noticed it was received today. The gentleman I spoke to advised its not in the system yet as it needs to be scanned and uploaded to the system, but I still have time as they know Royal Mail has delays at the moment and consideration will be given for that. I asked him to please put a note on my file to this effect and gave him the Special Delivery Tracking number so that it is recorded that I posted 2 days before the 17/08/19 showing the delay was not my fault- . - he happily did this. He told me to call later in the week just to confirm they have received the form ok.

To my surprise, I have received a text from DWP at 16:00 today 19/08/19 to advise they have received my form..

Sorry if I have been long winded just wanted others to know particularly if they have also had PIP claim form return to DWP delayed via Royal Mail. I will advise of PIP outcome when received. .

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4 years 6 months ago #236074 by BIS
Hi Magpie

Congratulations on your ESA success. Good to hear. Thank you for the comprehensive feedback on your journey so far. Look forward to hearing about your PIP when it comes through.



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4 years 2 months ago #241194 by Magpie
Replied by Magpie on topic ESA SUCCESS & PIP UPDATE AS AT 29.11.19

Firstly once agan, thank you to Benefits and Work for the comprehensive guide on claiming PIP, which I used to assist me with my Claim - I am pleased to advise that my Claim has been successful and received the letter yesterday 28/11/19.

I submitted my form and had my assessment on 19/09/19 I carried my carer, who also happens to be my Aunt. I was using 1 crutch as my sciatica was quite bad . My assessment took 2.5 hours and was carried out by a qualified Nurse,so she would have been familiar with some of my medical conditions.

1 week later I was called on my mobile by the same assessor and was advised that she needed fuirther information based on my travel needs and my eyesight because when she submitted the report, they chastised her for not providing more information! - she was apologetic (15 pages of medical supporting documentation was supplied from Consultant, GP, relating to my back/ mobility, eyesight issues and upcoming operations). This additional assessment via the telephone took a further hour focusing on my eyesight when it gets dark, travelling if its dark, - I suffer from Advanced Kerataconus - resulting in poor night vision and variable vision (all supported my Moorfields Consultant letter) and mobility, how long from cab to front door and visa versa,, cab to door of GP office etc.

Needless to say this was quite nerve wracking to have to do another hour of this on the phone. She kept harping about what I can see in the dark if travelling and I told her I cannot make something up - I don't go to unfamiliar areas unless by cab in the night, because I cant read the bus stop sign, road signs etc - which is true or I am with someone, because I feel vunerable if I cant see clearly where I am going in an unfamiliar place.

Anway I received my POSITIVE RESULT in the post yesterday
. I received the Standard Rate of £58.70 pw( I had lower care on DLA @ £23.20pw) - for the Daily Living Component receiving 9 points in 4 areas.

I received the Enhanced Rate of £61.20 pw ( I had higher rate mobility on DLA @£61.20pw) receiving 12 out of 12 for planning and following a journey and 10 points out of 12 for moving around

My award covers me from 25 December to 18th September 2021 - It has been noted in the letter I will be contacted after 18/09/2020 to see if my circumstances have changed and look at the amount I receive - which is fair as the upcoming treatments I get may assist me greatly with pain and mobility.

I particularly want to say that while many times I use a kitchen bar stool to sit on to cook, it did not occur to me to refer to it, since it is not a medical perching stool, until I read B & W PIP Claim form guide, which resulted in getting more points under ood prep. Also as per PIP Guide - what can I RELIABLY do, and if I can do it BUT with difficulty sometimes this needed to be mentioned. Again, I would have not really thought to highlight this but did based on B & W PIP Guide that I attribute to the success of my application.

With the above rates I am now £142.00 better off - So thank you so much guys and wish everyone else the same success & more!
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4 years 2 months ago #241206 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic ESA SUCCESS & PIP UPDATE AS AT 29.11.19

That's terrific news, congratulations and well done.



Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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