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ESA, HMRC and TPS 5 months 4 weeks ago #236398

If anyone has had this issue I’d love to hear about it.
Since retiring in 2013 at age 58 every year I’ve had issues with either ESA or HMRC as I receive a Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS) Pension.

First I realised HMRC contacted me to say they had no idea how much ESA I was getting as they had me registered as Income Related and I’m Contributory. I had to contact ESA and get copies of all my payments per year since 2013 so that they could see how much tax I owed. I was then presented with a bill for £923 which I duly paid. BUT although HMRC insisted they had no details of my ESA. ESA claimed that they sent details to HMRC every year.

This year I have again had a letter from ESA to say that I owe them money from an overpayment since I didn’t let them know that my TPS Pension had increased. Yet, every year they send me a letter asking about my pension and I fill it in and send it back with permission for them to contact TPS about it. Nonetheless I’m to pay back £300 this time for ESA overpayments.

Pleased bear in mind these are all DWP departments including my TPS Pension.

My question is that after thinking this will be over in 2021, when I finally get my State Pension that I was robbed of as a 1950’s woman which put me in this crazy position, but will I still have issues as none of them talk to each other?

Thanks loads

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ESA, HMRC and TPS 5 months 4 weeks ago #236424

Hi eyesnlegs

You need to make a formal complaint to the various government departments, they do talk to each other so not sure why you are having these problems, if you are unsatisied with the reply from any government department then you should take your complaint to Independant Case Examiner (ICE) www.gov.uk/government/organisations/independent-case-examiner .

The Independent Case Examiner reviews complaints about certain government organisations that deal with benefits, work and financial support. You must contact the organisation you want to complain about before you contact the Independent Case Examiner. If you’ve not had a final response from them they won’t consider your complaint.

or get your MP involved.


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