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Pip renewal...forms to fill in

4 years 5 months ago #244289 by Headcase
Pip renewal....Good news story! was created by Headcase
I know there's an awful lot goes wrong with
'The System' and Gawd knows we've been involved with the farce of a 0 points award in the past.
However, having assisted someone with a 1043 renewal form recently, and taking heed of Gordon's wise words on here , we approached it as if we were making a new claim....

Heaps of medical evidence,(old consultant letters marked 'Still Relevant' ) diaries, carer's letters etc.
We decided to present everything as if presenting to a Tribunal....

Guess what?..
Decision made to continue 'as is' for three years, without anything more than a follow up phone call.
(We were ready to fight em on the Beaches this time).

Common sense has prevailed in at least one decision this year.

Don't get too disheartened that they're ALL a bunch of Heartless, uncaring, so and so's, apparently the decision maker "sounded like she cared"
We were ready/experienced this time, it's showed.
(Still stressful though)

Good luck, everyone,
Sometimes 'The System' actually works as it''s meant to do.
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4 years 5 months ago #244291 by BIS
Replied by BIS on topic Pip renewal....Good news story!
Hi Joe90

Many congratulations to you and the person you helped on a successful PIP renewal. Great to hear.



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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #246498 by Carol Thompson
Replied by Carol Thompson on topic Pip renewal...forms to fill in
Hi I was wondering I have recieved my renewal form for my PIPS I will be filling it in soon the next couple of days,but I'm dreading it as last time I did the form I had had my right knee replaced as I have osteoarthritous in my knees I have had my left knee done about 13 months after my right one being done I still can't walk far as I have trouble with my back now and still have problems with my knees giving way then I end up on the floor , it's not getting any better for me as for a while I was not bad bad but then I had a fall and since then I haven't been the same I don't go out much at all where I use to before, I'm really scared as I think they will stop my PIP I have also considered taking my own life as I have had a bad few years were I nearly died if I hadn't gone in when I did I wouldn't be here doing this letter to you.
Thanks for listening to me going on but I'm not a happy person at the moment with all the illness I have been suffering with.xx
Yours sincerely
Carol T
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