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I qualify for a DS1500 form, help pls 1 month 1 day ago #252454

I have stage four cancer, and I am on active chemotherapy that will never end. Pls forgive me asking simple questions but when I am on chemo like this it is difficult for me to understand things.

I have had a DS1500 signed by GP (and another by the oncologist) two years ago but at that time I was already in receipt of PiP at the highest levels for both components as I’ve had a lot of cancer surgery which has rendered me disabled. (I have a lot of trouble walking as I have a prosthetic leg due to having had cancer in it. )

I qualified for the DS1500 form to be signed at the time in (jan 2019) because it was reasonable to expect I could have less than six months to live; certainly I know many people with my type of stage four cancer who’ve gone from completely stable to having died in less than six months. All the drs say they don’t have a crystal ball but they were happy to sign the forms then and my treatment and prognosis has not changed: I am doing well and am stable but stage four cancer is incurable and I am on chemotherapy forever which affects me quite badly.

The reason for this post is that the Pip people have just written to me to say it’s time to review my claim and I simply can’t face filling out all the pages and pages of questions. i can’t do it. My brain when it’s affected by chemo and my fatigue make this form overwhelming.

If I send them my DS1500, will this mean that I only have to fill out the mobility part of the pip review form instead? This would be a lot better but I don’t know if I have misunderstood the system?

If so, would you suggest I ask the GP and oncologist to do me renewed DS1500 forms? Or will the ones from jan 2019 be acceptable to the pip people?

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I qualify for a DS1500 form, help pls 1 month 1 day ago #252486


You will need a new DS1500.


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