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Requesting PIP Assessor’s report and backdated pay 1 month 1 week ago #252509

I have been receiving PIP since 2016, standard daily rate and standard mobility rate. My claim was due to run out in August 2020. I received and returned a review form in March 2020. I have had a CAPITA telephone assessment today. I recall reading somewhere on your website that the DWP are no longer letting people have copies of the assessor’s report before the decision is made i.e. one has to wait for the decision and only then can a request for the assessor’s report be granted. Is this correct? I want to give myself the best chance if I need to go through a mandatory reconsideration so, as per your good advice, I would rather see the report sooner than later in case of there being inaccuracies or points I need to factually challenge. I am also, through bitter experience, very anxious about contacting the DWP if the request (for seeing the report before the decision) is futile as then I will become extremely anxious that whoever I speak to will hold the fact that I even asked as me being a nuisance and that it will somehow affect the success of my claim. I’m probably paranoid but these assessments and any communication with the DWP sets off my anxiety and stress.

My second question is, if my review is successful and, if, I hope, that my award is increased from standard in either or both daily living and mobility (due to deterioration in my daily living and mobility functions since the last award), will my increased payments be backdated to the deadline date of when I returned my PIP review form or will any backdated payments be paid from the date that my original PIP award was due to end (August 2020); or perhaps any possible backdated payments would only be backdated to the date of my telephone assessment?

Many thanks for your help and for the fabulous advice on your website that I used to help me with both my current PIP award and my successful support group ESA award.

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Requesting PIP Assessor’s report and backdated pay 1 month 1 week ago #252535


You should be able to request a copy of the assessment report once it has been received and logged by the DWP, this should only take a couple of days so maybe not Monday but Tuesday give the DWP office dealing with your claim a call, the reports official title is a PA4 but "assessment report" is usually sufficient.

As it appears to have been the DWP that initiated the assessment rather then you reporting a Change then any new award will apply from the date that the Decision is made and there will be no backdating of any increased award.

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