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PIP award, ‘for an ongoing period’

3 years 2 weeks ago #260944 by Penny1949
PIP award, ‘for an ongoing period’ was created by Penny1949
I’m new to the benefits & work site. Would be very much obliged if anyone is able to assist. I’m a carer for my partner who has recently been awarded both daily living and mobility components at the enhanced rate. The decision letter is confusing to us as we are new to PIP and the benefit system minefield because it states that the award is for ‘an ongoing period’ but later in the letter it says ‘we will also contact you while you are getting PIP to see if you’re needs have changed and to look at the amount you get. This will be after 25 may 2031’. The awards for both components are from 25 may 2021. So it looks to us that the decision maker has awarded both for a full 10 year period. What we don’t understand is what DWP mean by (a) ‘for an ongoing period’ and (b) if my partner will be required to be reviewed after 25 may 2031? My partner is 52 years old
This is because medical evidence was supplied to show that his psychological and physical condition and disabilities are severe but are stable and are permanent and won’t improve, they will stay as they are if they do not deteriorate. His GP also wrote to DWP and their HCP to advise that his condition is such that it will make it distressing and harmful to his mental health if he were to be required to attend face to face assessments either in person or remotely. The DWP’s HCP recommended enhanced rate of both components and stated in report to DWP that ‘it is not appropriate to review the claim’. And went on to justify why. The report also says ‘it is likely that the functional restriction identified in this report will be present at the recommended point of review’. Additionally the HCP also said ‘The claimant has a mental, intellectual or cognitive impairment that may require additional support in order for them to comply with future claim processes’.
The DWP decision letter does not refer to a review and because of what their HCP included in the report, we are anxious for any assistance we can get regarding this because if there were to be future face to face reviews or even the need to make a new PIP application, it would cause a great deal harm and distress to my partners already very severe mental health.
I was even considering writing to DWP to request further information and clarification on the decision but thought I would run it past benefits and work and their members.
Finally I just want to say a massive thank you to benefits and work who’s information and the helpful members guides have been extremely helpful in assisting us with PIP claim. As I mentioned the benefit system is a minefield to us and the site and the information included helped immensely. Thanks in advance, Penny

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3 years 2 weeks ago #260947 by Catherine
Replied by Catherine on topic PIP award, ‘for an ongoing period’
Hello Penny,

Thank you for your kind words, and I am pleased that your found the site helpful.

The type of award you have described is 'normal', but not that common. Most PIP awards are for a fixed length of time, and at the end of that time the award simply ends or you are invited to submit a form so that it can be reviewed with the possibility of it being renewed.

Your partner's award has no end date, but they do reserve the right to check on him occasionally to make sure that he has not unexpectedly got better. The assumption is that the award will continue after this check, but it is there 'just in case'.

The type of review you will get is known as a 'light touch' review. Because this only happens to on going awards after 10 years and since PIP has not yet been around for 10 years nobody, including the DWP, know what one of these will look like.

It is most unfortunate for your partner that he has the conditions which warrant such an award, but putting that to one side, in the PIP world it is the best outcome which is possible. Assuming that there is no improvement in the way his condition affects his daily living and mobility, he will continue to get the award at the same level after retirement.



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3 years 1 week ago #261025 by Penny1949
Replied by Penny1949 on topic PIP award, ‘for an ongoing period’
Many thanks Catherine, that is very reassuring.
Your reply is greatly appreciated.

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