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ib50 - called for medical 11 years 8 months ago #18172

  • marijo
I just received a request to make an appointment for a medical. I am on incapacity benefit I thought that I should be exempted as I have Rheumatoid Arteritis. I spoke to the DWP and they said that everyone needs to fill it in. I asked if 113 was sent to my GP and it has not and my GP has never recieved this form at any stage even when I first was granted IB.

I have resigned myself that I will be taking off IB as the only people who seem to get it seem to be terminal or bedridden. My MP is standing down at this election so I have no-one to fight my corner.

My consultant told me that my tests show that I have an agressive form of the disease but to think positive and that there is noway of knowing how its going to go. My medication has recently kicked in but I feel very restricted to what I can do stamina wise needing to rest joints but having a general fatigue and can get very depressed and overwhelmed.

The letter just says to contact DWP if I have any questions not Atos and I have to contact them to make an appointment within 2 days of receipt of the letter. I just find myself overwhelmed and depressed about this and wonder if I should just let it go as it effects me psychologically too much though at the same time worried that I will never get a job at my age with health issues.

Under IB criteria does having RA make me exempt or not as it is a polyarthric disease and systemic so its all over, where different joints are effected at different times with no rhyme or reason? Is the fact that this illness is non curable taken into consideration?

Many thanks

Re:ib50 - called for medical 11 years 8 months ago #18185

HI i too suffer from the same thing and have been told just like u i have to have a medical.
i phoned atos and asked the to send a ib113 to my doctor which they have now done.
but up to now i still have to have a medical.
i would ask them to send one to your doc as every little helps good luck

Re:ib50 - called for medical 11 years 8 months ago #18189

This link should help, it's about a terminal patient who has been fighting the DWP/ATO. You should put in for a change opf appointment and then complain when they do not answer, whilst all the time demanding that you are paid, as is your right, then complain about the lack of response, ad infinitum.

DWP ESA Medical Examinations

Re:ib50 - called for medical 11 years 8 months ago #18201

Hi Marijo,

Please take a look at our guide 'Exempt but sent a questionnaire' in the members area.

It certainly isn't the case that only terminally ill or bedridden people get IB. And it's most definitely worth getting an award of IB renewed rather than having to make a claim for ESA a few months down the line because ESA most definitely is harder to claim successfully.

So it's worth continuing with the process, even if that means completing the questionnaire and possibly attending a medical and even an appeal hearing.

Good luck,

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Re:ib50 - called for medical 11 years 8 months ago #18202

  • marijo
I did fill in the form and I am now asked to attend a medical. the Atos letter states that I should only call them with relating to arrange an appointment date, other queries be directed to DWP. With regards to what chuck said Can I call AtOS and demand they send a 113 to my doctor or is it DWP and then send an email to ATOS advising them of this. And will I be forced to go through a medical regardless of waiting for a 113. or will they send the 113 and then call me for a medical. I do not want to undergo the humiliation of this biased process unnecessarily. Or should I make the appointment and then go through the process as I received the letter yesterday I am obliged to call them today.

Many thanks

Re:ib50 - called for medical 11 years 8 months ago #18210

  • marijo
Ok I have been busy this morning I rang DWP and contacted my MP and sent her an email re the process. The DWP rang me and the had me down as arteritic and not Rheumatoid. So they have asked me to send them in a medical certificate from my GP and a letter saying why I am not going to the medical and to ignore the Atos letter. Hopefully they will send an IB113 to my GP. Well its a reprieve so it goes to show to do something and fighter your corner rather than sit and worry.

Doubtless this is just the beginning so I will let you know how i get on. I wonder should I stop my mp from sending the letter as she stands down on Monday or just let it go through the system. Hopefully with this delay, I will have a newly elected MP or the system gets reviewed.

Thanks for all your help
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