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TOPIC: DLA: ATOS doctor yes to mobility, DWP decision no?

Re:DLA: ATOS doctor yes to mobility, DWP decision no? 9 years 8 months ago #19572

  • dean stockton
Hi Gillian

I thought I was reading about myself when reading your post, I haven't been out of the house since coming out of hospital 2 months ago, except for hospital appointments :(. My opinion of ATOS is that they train the HCP to act in a sympathetic manner when they,in many cases, are going to report the opposite to the DWP.
If what I read on-line is true, that the HCP can put their interpretation of your answer in the report and with the full blessing of the government, I certainly hope it isn't true.
At the assessments I believe the HCP will use any advantage they can can to get the answer they want to hear and if you are easily confused will ask the same question worded differently.
I do hope that it was no more than a DM that made a mistake in their decision with your claim.

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Re:DLA: ATOS doctor yes to mobility, DWP decision no? 9 years 8 months ago #19743

Hi Dean and c00kered,

thanks for your replies. It is really heartening to have the support.

c00kered, a voice recorder is an interesting idea, and a good one for memory problems. Slightly tricky for me as I don't have the energy to speak much at all even in a lucid moment!

Dave, I'm really sorry to hear you are so unwell. Unfortunately your suggestion is the only other one that makes sense - but the Atos doctor seemed very genuine and on the level, and very aware of issues around this level of illness and incapacity due to her personal experience with a close family member. If it was an act, it had me totally fooled (ok, not too difficult thse days!)

For some of the questions and physical tests I had no idea what was going on, and had to have even simple instructions repeated ('touch this then touch your nose' - was quite mystified by that at first for instance :S) so maybe I wasn't as clear on what was happening as I'd like to think. The more tired I am the worse the 'brain fog' gets, and the medical was very long (well over an hour, so exhausted/brain-dead at the end, forgot to time it).

I have have asked for a copy of the report, hope it comes before the deadline.

With the sterling help of two friends, I am slowly trying to steer a way through.

It really makes a huge difference to feel supported by both real and virtual kindness, so thank you.


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