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Intimidation, when told " I'm going to report you" 9 years 11 months ago #24031

I'm in the happy position of having a one parent civil servant c/W co habiting male civil servant and their yapping mutts 9 feet from my front door , lounge & bed room windows .

I've asked them numerous times to take their yapping dogs in as it's destroying the quality of my life .(0700 till 23.00 hrs or later all sorts of times and durations).

Sometimes it has been left out for 18 minutes of perpetual yap yapping dogs ( Westie and Staffy )which equates to hundreds and hundreds of brain shattering yaps per session.

Recently I got a new motability vehicle ( my fifth )as the other was five yrs old and I could hear the evil mutterings about " How can they afford such a big car( KIA SEDONA )when we have to work our fingers to the bone ?( I used to work with uncivil serpents and the likelihood of such an event happening is as likely as the second coming of Christ ) ..sort of in a loud voice, designed to be heard within 80 feet sort of quiet.

Well the 2nd to the last time I asked for the dogs to be taken in or calmed ( three weeks ago ) The "Lady " shouted and screeched that I was a disgrace , a fraud ,a cheat & that she was going to report me .. she carried on foaming and screeching and started having a verbal pop at my wife who is my carer as well, she then forbade her cohabiting male from having " Dialogue with me".

This last time saw her " EFFING and blinding ( worse than any Fishwife or paratrooper ..shocked I was M'lud ! ) and putting up a middle fingerat the same time ... such is her quality .

I'm not worried about any re examinations there are enough MRI & CT scans showing massive damage in my spine & hospital records for additional problems etc. But I am concerned that when she gets the county council noise abatement order slapped on her sometime next week, ( It has got that bad ) she may actually do the vindictive reporting whilst I am away for 30 days with my extended family.

Can any of you give me a likely scenario of what to expect if I am required to attend a reassessment medical whilst I'm not here or not available .
Can any of you do the same for filling in any forms etc.that may be sent to me in during my absence?
So that I can calm my very upset wife and young daughter 8 yr old down.

David :ohmy:

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Re:Intimidation, when told " I'm going to report you" 9 years 11 months ago #24054

  • ProfessionalCripple
I would simply write a quick note to the DWP/DLA telling them that the council are acting to prevent nuisance and that the subject of that order has stated they will make malicious report.

If you are able to forward a copy of any notice that would also be most appropriate!

You may also wish to report such threats to the police and obtain a crime number - and do express your fears as to potential malicious harassment in the future.

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