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Don't give up!

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13 years 10 months ago #26355 by johnnymac
Don't give up! was created by johnnymac
New member here ~ I have recently been successful with a 2nd app for DLA. Having been turned down last year I decided I'd do it once more but look at every queston and answer fully.

I armed myself wih this site's great guide and took it slowly. I spent a few hours over a day or two putting my case together.
The day after I posted it I had a heart attack !! when I came out of hospital I'd had an acknowledgement so rang them and said my circumstances would have changed but I didn't know how much it will impact on me yet. It took 12 weeks to get reports from doc/consultants but I was awarded DLA HRM+LRC til 2012 - wef May 2010

My advice is 1 don't give up 2 use the guide it is worth the money!! 3 answer fully and consider everything don't make light of your situation

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  • Survivor
13 years 10 months ago #26356 by Survivor
Replied by Survivor on topic Re: Don't give up!
Great news!

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  • avalon
13 years 10 months ago #26359 by avalon
Replied by avalon on topic Re: Don't give up!

I agree never give up and never make light of your situation. I try to joke and put a brave face on things because I don't want to make people feel depressed - but that approach just doesn't work with the DWP. You have to treat every answer as if it is how you feel on a bad day!

Some days I can hobble a few yards and outwardly I smile - then I go home and cry with the pain. The decision makers at the DWP cannot know how much person's condition affects them unless it is really emphasised again and again.

Congratulations on staying the course! :)


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  • millymoo
13 years 10 months ago #26380 by millymoo
Replied by millymoo on topic Re:Don't give up!
Hi :cheer:

Thats great news for you congratulations!! You are all right the longer you live with pain the more you are able to smile above it. There are times when people ask you how you are and my answer now is ok thank you. I had an experience in one of my local shops and one of the assistants asked me how i was feeling today i was having a bad day and briefly told her that, her answer to that was so you are ok? At that time i was fed via a naso gastric tube and was in quite a bad way, my pain wasnt controlled and i was extremly down. So yes i think we all make light of the situation to some degree. When someone asks how you are do they really want to know?!!!!!!!

Best wishes
Mm :(

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13 years 10 months ago #26780 by lulu
Replied by lulu on topic Re:Don't give up!
I applied recently for HRM as my health had deterioted substantially. I was having problems with my eyes, it too
k me 3 weeks to put together my application for DLA HRM and same evening that I got it finished.................I took a massive hemorrhage in my right eye and now told it is a detached retina and nothing can be done about it as my Type 1 Diabetes has weakened the retina.
Just to let everyone know that the amount of detailed information required by already disabled people like myself is Vast ! I am now blind in that eye.

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  • sara glover
13 years 10 months ago #26900 by sara glover
Replied by sara glover on topic Re:Don't give up!
With the help of this site over the past year I have sucessfuly won an Esa appeal and been placed in the support group. I have ms and have also had my care rate increased from lower to middle rate, and on appeal this was increased to high rate.
This was all done with the help of my partner only and information taken from this excellent site.
If I can give one piece of advice, it matters not how ill you are actually are!
The key to being sucessful in your claim is to set out how your illness or disability relates to the relevant factors for whatever you are claiming.
If you can clearly show this your claim will be sucessful.

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