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13 years 2 months ago #56571 by lulusmf Smith
Appeal for ESA Support group was created by lulusmf Smith
Dear B &W members

Today I was due to have my appeal hearing as I had appealled against being put in the LCW group following a very flawed WCA last September. I have Ehlers-Danlos, causing mobility difficulties, diabetes, severe arthritis in very joint, toe and finger, fibromyalgia and hyperthyroidism. I also have a 20% spinal impairment. Last week the Tribunal Service called to say I could have a taxi to the hearing as I cant use public transport. I had previously had to submit 3 quotations for this. Then this morningat about 08.30am the Tribunal Service called to confirm I was attending the hearing today - I duly confirmed. This afternoon just after lunch as I was being washed and dressed to go to the hearing the Tribunal service rang again to say the Judges had looked at my papers and were allowing my appeal - I did not need to attend. Hurrah! However, strange as this may seem I feel slightly cheated that I did not actually appear and give my evidence. It seems that my written rebuttal and supporting evidence has done the job though. I do not know all the details yet but just weanted to say a huge thank you for the help and support I have received. Easy for me to say now after 6 months of stress and anxiety but please don't give up in the struggle against this deeply flawed and problematic system. Thanks again and best wishes to all. Lulusmf

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13 years 2 months ago #56573 by Jennifer Gray
Replied by Jennifer Gray on topic Re:Appeal for ESA Support group
Congratulations thats fantastic.

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  • RachelPotter
13 years 2 months ago #56577 by RachelPotter
Replied by RachelPotter on topic Re:Appeal for ESA Support group
Hi that's great news! :)

(your feelings are normal, I felt the same when I had a cesarean with my 4th child, I missed the labour!)

Best wishes,
Rachel :)

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13 years 2 months ago #57071 by annie
Replied by annie on topic Re:Appeal for ESA Support group
Thats brilliant news and very encouraging. I too have an appeal date for the 24th May against the DWP decision to only award me low care component even though they have granted me high disability. I have been deferred on 2 occasions by A4E for 6 months each time I have been forced to attend their work related interviews as they say that they cannot help me. The stupidity of the system however did insist that I attended a work related medical at 9am on a Sunday morning in another town which was supposedly to help the people who conduct the WR interviews. I rang Jobcentre plus to advise them that I had been deferred for 6 months and did I still need to attend the medical ? lol...I was told that I must, otherwise they could stop my ESA. Anyway that is another story and hurdle that I shall attempt to struggle over once my appeal has been heard. Can you tell me please what is the best evidence I can present.
I have many medical problems and disabilities but the main ones being cervical spondylosis, congenital fusion of my lower spine, severe coccydynia, arthritis in both shoulders (my right one already has clips in it from surgery a couple of years ago i.e. rotator cuff repair, my right wrist has a plate in it with 6 screws after surgery for a reduction of my ulna bone..10 years ago but is now inflamed, swollen and causing a lot of pain ( X ray yesterday)Arthritis in my hips, osteopenia in my right ankle, prolapse once again of both my bowels and bladder and collapse of my pelvic floor (awaiting surgery) It is impossible for me to go to the loo even though I am on every medication known to help me with this. I hace GERD and recently had surgery for a hiatus hernia which has left me with digestive problems, the inability to actually be sick..though I daily go through retching, feeling sick and dizzy, I am on continuous morphine 30mg twice daily and still need to take paracetamol. I receive lignocaine intravenous infusions from my pain specialist...the list goes on. Most days I end up in bed sleeping as I cannot get through a whole day. I am unable to travel anywhere without the dizzy and retching attacks. Yesterday I had to travel 6 miles for the X ray - it only took 5 mins but I had to wait over an hour before I was well enought to attempt the journey home ! straight to bed for the day.
I would appreciate any advice you can give me to ensure that I can escape from having to battle my way through the neverending minefields. This has taken me quite some time to write as my fingers are painful, my neck is hurting from sitting at the pc and my back and coccyx are really aggrivated, time to take my medication and try to find a comfortable respite without going back to bed. Thank you and once again - congratulations, you must be so relieved though I can understand how you feel deprived of being able to have your say.

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