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13 years 1 month ago #57862 by sunflower
Thank you so much for your detailed resources which I used to renew my DLA.
This was my second Dla award and it appears was very much stricter than before.I had to fill the form ,have an Occupational therapy assessment and then they sent a letter saying they still didnt have enough medical evidence so were sending out an EMP to do a home medical !

As my form arrived in November and they still hadnt processed the claim ,my Dla had run out and I was 6 weeks without it and was getting more and more stressed as no money to pay my homehelp.

As advised I kept a note of all correspondence with DWP.Every phone call was to a different person,so Id advise asking for the same person each time for continuity?

I phoned again to ask what specific eveidence they required and they said they needed evidence from my consultant,I had asked for this at the start but it hadnt been sent and I hadnt liked to hassle . I contacted the consultant and within 2 days theletter was at DWP and I had a phone call to say my award had been renwewed again and I now didnt need a medical!!

I was so so relieved as my experience of medicals has been awful ands I was all set to have to appeal.

I was awarded high rate mobility and middle care again -so thank you for helping me claim.

One thing that seems vitally important is to have reliable medical evidence and it seem a hospital consultant is the best?From now on I will be requesting copies of all letters to my Gp from hospital appointments and any relevant test results.As you advise theses are free and you are by law entitiled to have copies.

Having evidence was difficult this time as I has actually been dischrged from all specialist help as nothing more could be done.

The whole experience has been hugely stressful and has caused a relapse in my CFS.Without the support of Benefits and work I was ready to give up and just do without my benefit,but seeing all the success stories helped me to persevere.

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  • Metallichick
13 years 1 month ago #57865 by Metallichick
Replied by Metallichick on topic Re: THANK YOU BENEFITS AND WORK -DLA CLAIM RENEWED
Great news, well done Sunflower...xx

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13 years 1 month ago #57872 by Jellybean
Very pleased for you sit back and enjoy the sun when it comes back again
cheers jellybean xxxxxxx

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