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TOPIC: in regards sleep disorders, asthma and hayfever

in regards sleep disorders, asthma and hayfever 7 years 11 months ago #66916

  • paula
Along with mental health problems I have 2 sleep disorders that were diagnosed under a london hopsital sleep clinic 6 years ago, I have very poor sleep anyway, and this causes problems during the day with fatigue.

I was diagnosed with asthma in 2001 and the hot and cold weather affect it, and hayfever I suffer from march until september in the last two years it has affected me terribly and I am on permanent anti histamines. I have inhalers that i USE everyday.

When I get anxious it affects the asthma do I write all this down. Also I had a hospital admission this year January/Febraury and 6 weeks od day treatment do I add all this.

I am also on severe mental health register at GP, apprently you are supposed to be because the government like to check we are getting the apporpraite treatment have been on that for several years as well. Do I add that. I want to make sure I give as much info as possible, just not sure where to start.

I struggle with my mental health on a hour to hour basis as I suffer with rapid mood changes which I was diagnosed with in 1999. I lost my job with the civil service because I had a breakdown at my desk due to extreme pressure and I cannot cope with change at all it freaks me out, i also got aggressive with my colleagues and aggression and anger are something I can struggle with every day if I get really stressed or pressured.

I freak out with dealing with dwp, and when they tried to reassess me several years ago, I did a disapearing act, worrying my family as I get get very depressed and anxious and trying to attempt to take my own life.

In may this year I was really depressed where I had the gp and cmht trying to get hold of me for 24 hours and I would not answer the phone as I become really paranoid and suicidal. It resulted in an emergency appointment and my psychiatrist wanting to admit me to hospital, I saw the home treamtnet team for a week instead.

Do I mention all this. Do not know how much it would help. Having personal problems at the moment, my father is due to stand trial and this is having a massive affect on my mental health and my ability to do things. Do I mention this, because I go days without doing anything because I am in floods of tears and not able to concentrate and it is affected my memory, and last week burnt my fingers trying to cook something and lost concentration, casuing scalding, this has happened a lot.

Due to medication side affects, I am on liquid lithium have huge problems losing control of bowels a least once a week because of the side effects as it causes upset stomachs. On permanent anti sickness medication, pizitofen for the headaches, and an attending an incontience clinic so I need the toilet because when I have to go I have to go. I have had accidents in cars and when I have been out and even on a bus with a friend which is embarassing.

Sorry it is long, but I need advice. I cannot get a theraputic dose on lithoum beciase I cannot tolerate the side effeects, Do i mention all this. Have tried all mood stablizers and have been in hospital due to side effects. Help

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Re: in regards sleep disorders, asthma and hayfever 7 years 11 months ago #66917

  • Survivor
Firstly, I'm afraid we don't advise people on their specific circumstances, but I'll give a more general answer.

You don't say which benefit this relates to, but as you've previously asked about ESA, I'm guessing this relates to that.

I tend to work on the basis of two things when it comes to applying for benefits.

1. Give as much information as possible.
2. Ensure that you are familiar with the descriptors so that you can relate the information you give to those descriptors.

In other words, what medication you are on isn't the relevant part, it's how it affects you in terms of what you can or cannot do, and more specifically what points you believe you should score on a particular descriptor.

Don't forget that you can add information at the end of your form, but do remember to label each extra sheet with your name and national insurance number and to number the sheets.

Finally, please could you insert paragraphs when you post on here. As a mod, I get to see the whole lot as a single block of text anyway when I'm approving it, but our readers will find it easier with paragraph breaks.

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