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TOPIC: Support Group

Support Group 7 years 10 months ago #77476

  • david w
Hi every one just a short post got the news today that I ve been put in the support Group from the WRAG after an assesment was moved without a face to face assesment it was purely a paper one I must have done all the right things to get that but could not have done it but for the fantastic help available on this site I mainly used the Re-assesment guides and provided plenty of paperwork I think the big help was my medical docs it cost me over £170.00 but it was well worth it in the end thanks again. :)

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Re:Support Group 7 years 10 months ago #77481

Congratulations david w, your post is very encouraging. I'm currently completing my ESA50 for migration from IB and it's dementing me! I'm curious as to what medical documents you had to pay for - is it possible for you to say here, only I'm worried I won't have the right sort of supporting evidence even though I've spoken to my GP and he has said that he'll back me up if they approach him. Is there more I can ask for from him before sending the ESA50 back? I've got a supporting letter from my psychotherapist and copies of psychiatric and psychotherapy reports dating back over the last 20 months or so, as well as a copy of a neurologist's report from 15 months ago. I'm wondering if I can request anything from the GP, such as a list of everything I've been prescribed since becoming ill 4 years ago? Any advice would be gratefully received.

And very well done again, you must be over the moon :)

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Re: Support Group 7 years 10 months ago #77484

Congratulations from me also. I am migrating from ib to esa and was told that the GP's comments provided on my esa50 form were only general so have asked my consultant to write a report regarding my condition and how it affects my daily life. I don't know what else to do if it is ignored.

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Re: Support Group 7 years 10 months ago #77485

  • RachelPotter
Congratulations David! :)

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Re:Support Group 7 years 10 months ago #77499

Hi cochondinde, you say that your GP provided comments on your ESA50, and I wondered if you could explain how that worked. Did you attach them as an extra sheet or did your GP actually complete part of your form? I've been working closely with my psychotherapist over the mental health questions but am doing all the physical health questions on my own. I really don't know what kind of support I'm eligible to expect from my GP. I haven't found any info in the guides yet to suggest that there's a possible protocol for approaching GPs for support. So far all I've done is mention to him that they're making me re-claim, and explained briefly how my condition limits my capacity for work and work-related activity. He was understanding but said something to the effect that he doesn't make any kind of decision, he just gives them info if approached. I'm wondering if there's anything I can ask him for to submit with the initial claim form, something that might make it a more starightforward process for me. Any advice?

Of course, I know full well that some people are being completely shafted even after completing the forms to the best of their ability using the guides and submitting plenty of supporting evidence. :(

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Re:Support Group 7 years 10 months ago #77503

I was migrated from IB (of 8+ years) to ESA WRAG in November, this despite my sending in with the ESA50 pages of evidence and a letter from my consultant which was explicit in how my disabilities affect me, and a general letter from my GP. My consultant said I am not fit for work and never will be. I asked immediately for a reconsideration and on 1st Dec I got a letter from them saying they had changed their decision and that was it, nothing else. I rang and spoke to the call centre who said I was in the SG now and that a letter would come out explaining that. To date I have had nothing and spent a fruitless day on Friday trying to speak to someone who could tell me where the letter is. Responses ranged from 'I need to put you through to your assessment team' to 'what do you need a letter for.' Then yesterday someone dealing with my case rang (from the assessment team) to say I am in the SG, my money won't be any different to what it was on IB and that I will be reassessed in August. The caller said they had reassessed me 'because of extra evidence' and that it would have been no good asking for a reconsideration with the same documents they used for the WRAG decision. This is so baffling because I did not send in extra evidence for the reconsideration, but the doctors letters and the extra letters were attached to the back of the ESA50. Perhaps the original DM didn't read it, or didn't have time to read it. The caller then said a letter will be coming out soon - *sigh*

Personally I think reassessing me, like many others whose condition will not improve and will just get worse is a complete waste of money, and will i really have to go through this year after year? It's ridiculous.

Yes, I'm in the SG but I still don't feel 'safe' as I could be put in WRAG again next year and have to have this whole rigmarole again.

DLA next!

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