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Remaining in Support Group!! 9 years 5 months ago #90324

Having been migrated from IB to ESA(CB)last year & put in the Support Group for 1 year I have recently been reassessed for the first time & I am so relieved to say that I am to remain in the Support Group for - this time - a stonking 18 months & no Medical!
Thanks to all on this site - Steve, the wonderful Mods and all members.My big tip for all others going through this nightmare process is to give as much info as possible. I gave details of my daily life in minute detail & wrote pages of extra info. Also I looked at the questions asked at ATOS assessments & wove the answers I would give to these quetions into what I said on the form.

Good luck and love to all - as for me I feel as though I've won a Gold Medal! :cheer:

Re:Remaining in Support Group!! 9 years 5 months ago #90327

That is great news! Thank you for letting us know - and for your kind words about this site :)
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Re: Remaining in Support Group!! 9 years 5 months ago #90332

made-up for you francis, some good news for a change!! i got a form trough yesterday, it is for limited capability for work questionnaire, i have been in the support group for one year,now it all starts again,,
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Re: Remaining in Support Group!! 9 years 5 months ago #90377

Hi again

Forgot to mention on my earlier post that the time from returning the ESA50 to getting the result was only a couple of days over 4 weeks - but it seemed an eternity...

Good luck ,james, let us know how you get on.

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Re:Remaining in Support Group!! 9 years 2 months ago #94623

  • Paul F
:) i hope you get this as Your post is 3 months old but thank you for the advice. Although got it pretty much covered it is reassuring to get confirmation from someone who has already walked the walk. Thank you.

Re:Remaining in Support Group!! 9 years 2 months ago #94702

PaulF - thank you for your comments and I really hope all goes well for you. Being fully prepared is a big help.I read this site daily to keep up to speed with any new developments. My next reassesment is a year away but I am already making notes as to how my condition is impacting my life so that the ESA50 will be as up to date and relevant as possible.And I have to say that already I am worrying about it...Oh to be free of it all..

Love Francis
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