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TOPIC: Dodgy PIP assessment

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 1 week ago #219237

Had a kind email from the MP who helped me with Atos, asking if could help further ads taking so long. so have asked them to ask if they can speed things up perhaps and check they are using all the evidence etc, so will wait and see. Also said to mention will be appealing if they try and reduce or withdraw it based on the incorrect report.

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 4 days ago #219453

Still no decision made. MP emailed to tell me ' I have written to the DWP to ask them to make a decision on your application and to provide me with an update on your case. I will contact you again once I have received their response.' so hopefully that should help. Argh.

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 3 days ago #219484

Ok, so spoke to a more helpful man at DWP today who told me it seems they have requested 'more supplementary information from the assessment provider' based on the 'further evidence supplied' by me. Must mean the letters we sent in. And since we sent a further letter this may be causing the extra time. Do you know what happens with this? Is it for the Assessor to comment on the letter we sent? I haven't heard of it before. Thanks.

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 3 days ago #219485

Ok, sorry looked in the PIP assessors guide in the members area and it explains about the supplementary info part. Well hopefully that might help. We'll just have to wait and see.

Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 3 weeks ago #220191

Still more delays, apparently they (DWP) have not sent it back for a second time to Atos for more comments yesterday! maybe because of sending in more than one letter. Is this usual I wonder? for them to keep going back to Atos? Anyway that is causing the delays apparently. Hoping to hear soon.

Dodgy PIP assessment 5 months 3 weeks ago #220200


If the letters need a medical opinion then it's going to have to be sent to the assessor as the DWP staff have no medical training.

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