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TOPIC: Esa home reassessment

Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227489

Thanks Gordon. Also if you don’t mind me asking in December 2016 I paid to have a private Psychological assessment report with a dr clinical psychologist whom has said I qualified for DSM 5 diagnosis of 1) adjustment disorder 2) panic disorder, unfortunately I am that anxious I wet myself 4/5times a week when I am conscious this is and I get worked up as I am going threw cbt at the moment due to being abused as a child and the police are currently dealing with this as there is enough evidence to prosecution of the accused but the stress is making my epilepsy worse, I cannot use public transport as I was assulted by a drug user and gad my head put threw a bus window she was also jailed but I have daily post matrix stress from the indicident, I also have an eating distorter I am a recovering anorexic and need prompting to eat as my sister needs to FaceTime me twice a day once in the morning and once in her lunch to make sure that I have eaten then she will call in the evening to cook my main meal and clean etc look after me change my bedding etc, the last time I tried to cook in August 2018 I had a sezuire and the cooker went on fire on the flat is a new build the fire alarms went off and a neighbor came in and turned it off and used the communal fire extinguisher to put it out I have been advised I need to live in supported accomufrom my neurologist and doctor and phycologosit at present so will all these factors help me to stay in the support group, ie I had a sezuire 3weeks again the last time I went to stay at my sisters but when I had a sezuire I tried to jump out her window only she pulled me back now I won’t even leave the house as I am afraid to and the go is visiting me at home

Esa home reassessment 1 month 6 days ago #227495

Hi Gordon I have called the dwp Esa today they have told me there is no record for why I am in the support group that I met the criteria in 2013 and I was switched to it, I am suffering male anxiety continence “ ie” I will be sitting there and I can wet myself I have no sensation this has happened until it starts to run down my leg as the pads I use don’t capture this all I was referred to a urulogist and the make continence service due to this and I’m still having the same problem one of the reasons they found I may have no senation is due to the stress and loss of sensation due to the sexual abuse I suffered and was referred to cbt I am still going to it but I had an epsoide where I had wet myself when talking about the trauma, will I pass under the concious factor as this happens weekly thanks

Esa home reassessment 1 month 6 days ago #227505


If you have continence issues that are not related to your epilepsy than you may be able to qualify for the support group via the associated Descriptor but it has multiple elements and you must meet all of them so make sure you understand what you will be assessed against.

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Esa home reassessment 1 month 6 days ago #227511

Thank you Gordon, am I allowed to record the home assessment or ask for it to be recorded

Esa home reassessment 1 month 6 days ago #227513

Smc2444 wrote: Thank you Gordon, am I allowed to record the home assessment or ask for it to be recorded

You can ask Maximus to record it, there is a template letter in the ESA CLaim guides that you can use.


Esa home reassessment 1 month 6 days ago #227539

Thanks Gordon could you explain in more detail what the associated Descriptor is and by what you mean “it has multiple elements and you must meet all of them” could you give me examples or would I pass on these, I was referred to a urologist and the male contience as I have weekly episodes this was diagnosed and I have the paperwork so if my circumstances havent changed from my last award would the accessor be annoyed for me to question why they are needing more proof when I have it all? But ie if I am still having weekly episodes and my pads aren’t catching it all and I need to change afterward would I pass then thanks
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