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PIP decision delayed 1 month 4 weeks ago #261841

Long term member, first time posting, thanks for reading!
Has anyone else had their PIP decision delayed recently with a standard letter, PIP 7203?
The DWP invited me to renew my award a few months ago and sent me a 'how your disability affects you' form to complete, which I returned with a bundle of supporting evidence. My previous experiences have been that Atos or Capita then contacts you to arrange a health assessment appointment. This part has not yet happened.
In effect they have started my renewal process but stopped it soon after, which feels odd. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this because of the health assessor's or DWP's lockdown backlog?
This recent DWP letter tells me they are extending my old award (due for renewal end of July) until the end of October, with the proviso that they can reach their decision at any time up to this extended date. In other words, they are giving themselves more time and giving me no warning as to when the health assessment or DWP decision will be. This effectively extends my stress and anxiety around their awful review process which seems to put my life on hold for over a year each time (have had to appeal all previous awards) and this also impacts my family’s lives as I could be presented with a huge task and a very limited deadline at any moment during the next few months.
The letter does not mention a health re-assessment, which I would have expected to be the next stage in the process. Instead it says if they make a decision at any time between now and their new deadline, the existing award may change or end at that point.
I wondered if anyone knows why they might be putting my case on hold. Is there evidence that this letter places you in a particular group of claimants? Has there been an official announcement that I have missed?
I would be grateful to know anything you might know about.
Many thanks x

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PIP decision delayed 1 month 4 weeks ago #261844

Hello Pip,

Thank you for your long term support of this site and welcome to the forum.

Your full name seems to be showing, if you wish to change it, this link tells you how.

I have come across this and whilst I can appreciate that it is very frustrating for you are both the victim and beneficiary of the backlog of assessments. They have effectively acknowledged that they will not be able to get your claim reviewed by time your old claim expires so rather than simply leaving you with no PIP money until they can manage to decide your new award they have extended your old claim. Your renewal process continues unchanged, and you should not have to make any additional submissions unless you wish to.

It is possible that they are going to try to do a paper assessment for you, but unfortunately I would not say that you could rely on that, since even if that is their intent now, when they come to look at your claim they may consider that an assessment is needed. (A gentleman I am helping at the moment is in exactly the same position. We spoke to the case manager last week who was willing to do a paper assessment with me on the phone and give him the same award as he had before. However as soon as said that we believed that he should have a higher award he said it would have to go for an assessment.)

I am not aware of any official announcement about this practice, and neither have I have picked up any particular group that it applies to.

Hope that helps a little, and perhaps our members can throw more light onto it for you.

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PIP decision delayed 1 month 4 weeks ago #261874

Many thanks Catherine, as always, for your sound advice, experience and wisdom. In case you haven't yet been told today, you're a star! X
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gary

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