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Any completed PIP form examples 1 month 3 weeks ago #264874

Recently been diagnosed with Osteo. in one & the other leg knee. Standing, moving, walking are giving me issues to put it mildly!
I have my PIP form & have looked through guidance, but I am struggling how to set out my issues. Are there any examples I have missed in the members area, I can be pointed to?
Cooking food for example - No problems using my hands, but I can't stand over a hob. I have previously started a small fire by leaving a frying pan on the hob, as I had to leave the room to sitdown & manage my condition. My partner managed to catch it before any major damage - but I am now afraid to use a frying pan if at home alone.

I am not sure how much of that is relevant & how much is me waffling on.

Any completed PIP form examples 1 month 3 weeks ago #264878

Hi prefer not to say,
Unfortunately we don't really have worked examples if how to fill in forms. There are too many variables. There was a very similar question posted to yesterday, which I responded to. I have copied and pasted this as I think it will also give you the information you need.

Don't get too bogged down trying to analyse which condition causes what. I suspect that many conditions interact, possibly just by causing fatigue or making you you feel rough!
If you haven't done so already, have a look at the members guides which give information about all the descriptors, and what to consider. Here's a link;
Go through all the descriptor activities, have a think what difficulties you have.So for example, descriptor 1.- can you cook a simple meal for one, using fresh ingredients? If not why?
Can you peel and chop veg? Maybe you have painful hands and can't grip a knife? Maybe you are hopeless with timings don't understand if food is cooked? You might get distracted and leave food on the hob burning it to a crisp? Perhaps you can't read packets, perhaps you have poor eyesight? Maybe there are other problems such as you can't stand up in the kitchen, or can't even get out of bed to get to the kitchen? Do you need prompting? Perhaps some other problem causes cooking difficulties?
Get a blank piece if paper and write down all the problems you have with cooking. It is likely that you will be able to quantify mental or physical health problems or some combination of the two.
So maybe you have problems but not everyday Have a think why you are ok some days and not others. Fatigue? Medication? Something else?
How many days per week do you have problems? Maybe you avoid the activity due the problem? Perhaps you take an easy route? (This could be eg pull on clothes in order to dress, or if you are deaf, avoiding a noisy place to alleviate communication issues.)
So, having determined the problem, and the number of days per week you have the problem, or would have if you didn't avoid it. Consider- do you have a limitation in function for more than the majority of days, or need to take an easier course to avoid the problem(which will indicate of course you might have the problem all the time!)
Anything that limits a descriptor activity for the majority of days will allow points under the relevant section. (If you have a really good day, or just push your self hard and can do something once in a while or even a couple if days per week this won't matter as it's not the majority pattern)
Now have a think about whether you can fulfil all the following 4 criteria
Acceptable standard
Taking more than twice a non disabled person would to complete the activity
Being able to repeat across the day as required (some activities such as communicating or toilet needs will occur more often than eg bathing)
If you decided you could do an activity without issues have another think bearing in mind majority of days and the 4 reliability criteria I have listed above. If you are happy that you can do all activity under one whole descriptor then tick 'no problems' box and move on to the next descriptor. Do the sane analysis with each descriptor set.
If you are still struggling to work out which descriptor might apply, over the next few days write a disability diary.
Basically note down what difficulties you have across the day
Monday 1st
Woke up 7.35am couldn't get out of bed fir another 2 hrs as legs very stiff. Eventually got up.Fell over on way to bathroom as right leg gave way. Couldn't get into bath as wife had gone to work and I can't lift my leg over the side. Took 10 minutes to put my shirt on. Struggled to get this over my head and couldn't do buttons up. Missed 3 out....

Also put down the things that went well.So next day could be...
Tuesday 2nd
Had better night sleep. Able to get out of bed without falling over....
If you have a partner ask him/her to comment, they might have more insight into your condition than you did!
Also, it is important to be brutally honest, (PIP is a very negative process sorry!) if you do some convoluted version of the activity and think you manage, well you probably do, and that will be sufficient to get you through the day, which you may need to do if you live alone or are alone at times during the day, but for PIP purposes probably suggests you are not performing to an acceptable standard or perhaps within the reasonable time so you may be eligible for points!
I hope I have given you a few helpful pointers.
Good luck.
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Any completed PIP form examples 1 month 3 weeks ago #264879


Just to add to the above, I'd also avoid saying about anything that you CAN do such as "I can use my hands". Just leave that out and focus on writing about what you can't do which is part of the descriptor. Otherwise they might try and bring it up in the assessment.

Any completed PIP form examples 1 month 2 weeks ago #264885

Thanks, I have completed my PIP as my deadline is the 23rd
So I just waffled on, on my form.
Every post points to paying £20 for the guide which is worthless. Which I done & it is no different to any other information freely available across the web.
I won't be paying & making that mistake again.
Complete swindle.

Any completed PIP form examples 1 month 2 weeks ago #264905

Dear prefer not to say, so sorry you do not value this organisation. Personally I have found the forum as well as the guides extremely helpful. Reading the forum posts over time has allowed me to pick up many tips [and share mine] which have made a big difference to getting our daughter's last PIP renewal through without the skilled help I had had before, and yet even more successfully. So I hope the MODS will tag my reply to the back office to let them know that you are in a tiny minority. It is said there is no such thing as a free lunch. The alternative advice sources I have seen have been less detailed, less up to date or both.
Finally best wishes with your own claim/s, pretty well everyone on here believes in kindness to one another.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Jenga, Faith, Susie27, An ex nurse, Kerrygold50, R_, BIS, Gaddy, Gary, debmarc and 1 other people also said thanks.

Any completed PIP form examples 1 month 2 weeks ago #264936

The guides do not tell what to write as we are all unique with different conditions, circumstances and needs. What they do is make you think about your own position and examine it in relationship to the PIP criteria. I found completing my own forms quite upsetting as it brought home to me how far below my version of normal, I now found myself. It would cost considerably more than £20 for someone to draft and complete the forms for you. If you are fortunate enough to get free welfare advice, you may not pay but it does cost a lot more than £20 and someone has to fund it either through grants or charitable donations and these are being rarer. It does give you a feeling of achievement if you are successful. The Forum is worth its weight in gold as you can ask specific questions or ask for clarification.
I echo denby’s sentiments in wishing you luck.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Jenga, An ex nurse, denby, Gaddy, Gary, debmarc, LL26
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