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? re assess of esa 1 week 6 days ago #249071

Hi I trust you are all well and keeping safe and sane.

My ESA re assess is due anytime from April this year, DWP did give 2 dates I could receive a re assess, how unusual - not !!!
My 3 year re assess may well have been after April this year, or after July this year !!!

With the cv 19 and re assess suspended further would that be an indicator that it could well be now after September or even further hopefully!!!

I do not like emailing them or phoning them as it always causes a problem some how and may even remind them I am due.
I am one of the unfortunate ones they well and truly jump on and always get re assessed on time and make life as difficult as they possibly can, despite always following everything to a tee as far as I can, with their conflicting advice, and with my MP involvement thru out .
That could be the problem as my MP has always been heavily involved.

There's me just hoping for once they may forget me as now only 2 and a half years b4 my pension is finally due as being one of the ladies caught in the 60 to 66 pensionable age.

Hoping you can give me the dream answer to alleviate my heightening anxiety fear and dread.

Many thanks to each and everyone of you that assist us in our hours of need xxx

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? re assess of esa 1 week 5 days ago #249093

Hi pusscatsmum,

I rang just before last xmas and was told I was due and should be getting a letter unless the Decision Maker decides (as has happened at least twice since my last assessment) that I am still too ill to work.

I have had no letter or heard anything to date.

I have just 18 months before my state pension and have loads of GP letters etc stretching back 10 years should they do contact me. I even downloaded a copy of the form last year and filled it in as a template should I get the call.

So for now I feel quite a bit more relaxed as the state pension time is slowly but surely drawing nearer.


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