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TOPIC: DLA To PIP zero points lost car please help

DLA To PIP zero points lost car please help 6 months 2 weeks ago #220422

Hi guys

I desperately need help I have had DLA indefinite for over 10 years. Went to assessment and the report is a tissue of lies. But really confused on mobility questions. I assumed planning and following a journey was part psychological and part mobility problems. The assessor said I use google maps then did the journey in a taxi with my sister, I never go out alone because of my breathing and stability. I scored 0 because I put postcode in google maps. This is so we could estimate when we had to order the taxi.

The second was question was how far could I walk she says 50 to 200 meters. I have not walked that far in 15 years.

Please is question one only the psychology of a journey. I'm putting in a mandatory reconsideration.

Thank you Sharon

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DLA To PIP zero points lost car please help 6 months 2 weeks ago #220434


You won't score for the Going Out activity is your problems are physical (breathing and stability) unless you can show that these problems lead to your suffering overwhelming psychological distress and even then the argument will be difficult.

The Going Out activity looks at three things.

Planning a route - this is primarily a cognitive or sensory (e.g. blindness) activity. You are being asked about the problems you would have with working out how to get from one place to another, you do not need to be able to follow the route that you are planning.

Undertaking a Journey - this is to do with mental health issues such as agoraphobia and social anxiety and is concerned with you leaving the house to go somewhere, they will be interested in the things that stop you doing this. You need to show that you would suffer "overwhelming psychological distress" to meet the criteria.

Following a route - This activity about the problems you would have navigating a route. So are there problems; cognitive, sensory or mental health issues that would prevent you from doing this? This is different from undertaking a journey, in fact, if you cannot undertake a journey then you will not score points for following one and vice versa.


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