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TOPIC: condition deteriorated

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 3 weeks ago #17785

Just an update, I have received a letter today to go for a DLA 'Assessment' at the medical centre in Glasgow on Monday. My support worker was unable to take me there on such short notice and has phoned and got the app. changed to the end of the week. I am sure my last medical was in the house but it was many years ago. Has anyone else had to go to a medical centre for their DLA, I have read the 70 questions and had a look at the doctors form they fill in. Anyone know what to expect and is it as bad as all the ESA medicals I have been hearing about. Not looking forward to it :( just hate going anywhere new and I know mentally I won't copy never mind physically. I would rather it was done and that would be me for a while its just the stories about how lots of people who have had medicals end up with nothing because the doctor either doesn't listen or writes a load of rubbish.

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 3 weeks ago #17792

  • kathy1

Just wanted to wish you all the best for your medical. I know that there are lots of bad stories about these medicals (my own included), but just try to go with an opened mind, they are not all bad, and you might be lucky to get someone more sympathetic.

My best advice for you is to definatley have a good idea of how you would explain your most typical day. They will want to know how the day you have your medical compares to others, if its a good day or a bad day. They really try and find out how you put your days in and what problems you face. Getting out of bed, getting washed/dressed, can you manage stairs on your own, cooking difficulties, social life/hobbies.

They will examine your joints, and the power in your muscles, reflexes etc, so at the point of pain, tell them.

Try not to get yourself all worked up, and I wish you all the best.

Kathy x

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 3 weeks ago #17794

Thanks Kathy, My mind goes blank when someone asks me a question but my mental health worker will be there to prompt me and remind me what has been asked as she knows I get very anxious when talking to strangers. The one thing I wont forget to do will be to let him know when anything hurts more as it as the pain is bad enough without him making it any worse. The main problem I will have is telling him about my normal day as I dont do anything, only get up if my daughter comes and takes me to the shops or my other daughters for a while, once back I go back to my bed as its comfyer to lie than sit and my rooms right next to the toilet, as the downstairs toilet is still upstairs from the living room and I cant get up and down the stairs constantly, he will probably ask about hobbies and sociallising but I dont have any hobbies anymore, I used to knit and sew but haven't been able to for a long time, cant concentrate on books keep re reading the same page but not taking it in, even if the tv is on I can't follow it and if my daughters in my room she gets fed up with me asking whats happened now so I don't bother with it, i don't socialise at all not even to my kids 18th and 21st parties, I stayed in as usual, don't go out with friends either, 1 died 2 years ago in my room from a brain heamorage at 42yrs, still can't get over it and my other friend committed suicide 4 years ago 44 yrs old, now another friend, my neighbour has been diagnosed with cancer, although its the truth I don't have hobbies and don't go out, who's going to believe that, except my mental health worker who I am in contact with nearly every day. Thats mainly the part I am dreading. At the moment the least wee thing sets me of into tears and I know the medical will be worse. Sorry to moan.

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 2 weeks ago #18045

Had my medical assessment today. My support worker was with me which was just as well as it was far too stressful and I didn't cope at all, I remember the doctor asking if I was okay to continue or would she stop the assessment but I said to continue, the thought of having to go back was worse than finishing the assessment. Can't say a word wrong about how I was treated, doctor typed the answers in as she was given them and a few times asked support worker to wait a minute so she could catch up typing what she was saying as well. I had been asked to take my medication with me and the doc went through it all one by one and typed it in, tablets, creams, inhalers the lot. Took a while and she commented on the amount.
She went through all 6 conditions one by one, typing in how long I had had them and difficulties they caused, apologised for length of time she was keeping me but said she had to fill everything in that was needed. Honestly can't remember what else happened, my head was throbbing and I just wanted to lie down, don't know how long I was with the doctor or how long I waited before, my app was 10 and I got out 12.30ish. Although the doctor and staff seemed genuinely caring, due mainly to my severe anxiety and depression I hope I never have to go back as this experience just about tipped me over the edge. When I arrived I couldn't even go in the waiting room, I can't describe how it felt, I couldn't move except for shaking. By time I got home, I had severe headache, in agony and totally exhausted, took more pain killers and went to my bed and am only just calming down. I do have a problem going to strange places and talking to strangers but never that bad. At least its over for now. Whatever the report says good or bad I need to give up its getting far too stressful
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