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TOPIC: Pip assessors report received today

Pip assessors report received today 7 months 2 weeks ago #217207

hi phrank
just a bit of advice on the MR stage ,,if you look on the info on here about MR process it give you eg, of how to write it .i myself just wrote that i would like my claim looked at again ,just a basic letter realy ,i didnt go into trying to argue my case and write each descriptor down i disagreed with and why etc ,,but i did send in medical evidence with my MR letter and also a further letter from my GP ,if you do this make sure you make copies of these to keep for yourself ,,in my opinion i believe the MR is just another hurdle to jump over ,and the majority of time there just rubber stamped ,if i was you ide send that off soon as can and in meantime of waiting there decision ,go though the report by each descriptor you feel you should of been giving points for ,try not to argue the case but provide them with information on what difficulties you have ,how and why it will take you twice as long as a healthy person would eg,, bath shower ,provide as much info you can and if you have any evidence to back you up even better ,,putting as much detail down is important ,,by you just saying for eg about the 45 mins shopping ,mention that you use a trolley to support you and that you have to stop because of the pain and rest during this time for 5 mins or however long you need to give as much detail and examples ,of each descriptor ,, remember to emphasise how long it would take you to do the descriptors and reasons why in detail ..also does your medication give you side effects ? if so explain in detail how this affects your ability to do tasks safely ,repeatedly ,do they cause drowsiness ? ect,, you get my drift i hope ,, concentrate on explaining with lots of detail why your unable to do the tsks instead of arguing what the health assesor said in report , hope this helps a bit ,
alison , x

Pip assessors report received today 7 months 2 weeks ago #217274

Hi Alison,

Just read your post and a big thank you for that. I haven't up to now read the PIP MR guides but will do so.

Actually, Ive written a final rough draft today of why I disagree with the decisions. I've written headings for each descriptor that apply and written the reasons for disagreeing with each one and how long they really take, the number of rests etc and why I find each thing I'm arguing against difficult.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow morning so have written bullet points with the descriptors I am arguing against. He asked me to that, actually after he phoned me after the stupid incident with the OD thing. So he will write me a good report.

He said "had the assessor any ideas how bad my mental health was or my mobilty?" I just said she just reported that there is basically nothing up with me.

What I'll do once I have the letter from my GP is phone and initiate the MR (I've got to the 17th of the month to do this) then read the guides and modify my MR letter accordingly.

I'm even including an 8 x 6 inch photo of my mangled-in leg LOL!

Don't know if this will help, but no harm in sending it.

Anyway, will let you know how I get on at the doctor's tomorrow.

Once again, thanks for all your support.

The following user(s) said Thank You: alison

Pip assessors report received today 7 months 2 weeks ago #217281

One thing that's been on my mind now and then, was the tone of the decision maker's letter.

It's probably me reading things into things too much, but it was unlike any other such letter I've received in the past: it was almost 'apologetic.'

In the letter it says: 'I know this is not the decision you were hoping for' and 'I understand there was no way you would have known that your PIP was going to end' . It then goes on to say:, but we have paid you too much money and you will shortly receive a letter and may have to pay some money back.'

I haven't had a letter and the decision letter was dated the 17th of August.

As I say, it's probably me, but the letter did seem rather empathetic as opposed to the cold and distant ones I've had before.


Pip assessors report received today 7 months 2 weeks ago #217282


Whilst many DWP Decision Makers appear to be automatons, not all are, some do actually care about the claimants that they are dealing with.


Pip assessors report received today 7 months 2 weeks ago #217284

Thanks for that, Gordon.

Maybe I'll get an empathetuc decision maker look at my MR.

Here's hoping.

Pip assessors report received today 7 months 2 weeks ago #217290

aww no problem , i was in same boat when i was awarded zero points and it was my first claim ide made for pip ,, i didnt know where to start but luckily i came across benefit nd work and thank goodness i did ,as the support and information they give is fab ,i had a great result in the end by appealing ,it is stressfull and a long haul but worth the challenge , if you have no joy with the MR and decide to appeal ,just so you know letters of support from your family or friends also can help ,doesnt always have to be medical proof ,my daughter and parents wrote a letter for me ,saying the difficulties i have doing things ,and how it also affect them as having to supervise me ,eg, going to appointments;,dr .etc as ime agrophobic and they get heck of a job getting me to go outside the door ,, so any information they can povide is helpfull too ,,
alison ,
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