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TOPIC: AR1 and review . Assessment

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220843

I have to go for medical to check my lungs on fri at health centre with nurse . Shall I tell her to give gp a reminder Gordon . Thank you .

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220855


Did you not ask your GP whether they had been contacted about your reassessment when you saw them?


AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220862

Yes Gordon he said he will tick all the right boxes for me . I been back a letter was in my file need to check if it was up to date told girl I need my medical records ASAP am on F2F on 28 thnov now
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gordon

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220874

Thank you Gordon . The receptionist was very helpful , said to come back fri and pick up med files , letter and am on a medication and lung medical on fri ( fortunate) so I pick it up then . I think it S just a basicletter about my ongoing conditions and chedk taking my meds properly . Gordon I wasn’t at all aware it was on me to get my information after lady said she will contact gp , after reading some of the horror stories on your website it wouldent surprise me if that was to think I didn’t have to . The behaviour of some of these people is bordering on unlawful . “ Trick questions “, from people who have had 1 weeks training and have a vested interest in you failing even though your obviously not well at all . The fact that people record their assessment and yet the DWP don’t even listen to it . This is the tip of the iceberg . Gordon has anyone ever took AIS or Capita to the courts . A group of people will have the evidence to prove that these companies get paid to see you fail and aren’t qualified for making judgement on so many life “ ruining decisions”. I can’t believe it , even mp,S are standing up and saying . “ it’s a hostile” . Toxic environment were the lives of the most vulnerable of society are discriminated against . Time after time, year in, year out . It is a complete and utter program focused on . It doesn’t matter if the genuine sick get them out with the con artists . The success of B and W being so helpful for the disabled because they like me are absolutely terrified. In other words “ It’s Political . Sorry for going on a bit , but some of these posts are heartbreaking . Myself went to help someone getting attacked and rest is history . The police even came to me to thank me in hospital . Fact is “ if I had chance again, I will walk away and not find myself feeling and being looked at like a scrounged and onman . Thanks Gordon . They say you “Reap what you sow”. If that is right you will b ok . You have been a tower of strength mate, no matter what the outcome .

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220875

Sorry made error again . It’s beginning of Dec now . Thank . j j Parsons .

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 2 weeks ago #220884


The reason you are chasing the GP is because you have said that you don't want to have to attend a face to face assessment and the Assessment Provider is not going to make a decision on this without seeing what your GP has written.

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