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TOPIC: shock divorce - please help

Re:shock divorce - please help 9 years 4 months ago #14026

  • lavenderlady
Hi Worldgirl

You asked if any other people had been through your situation and I have to say regrettably yes, lots.

It occurred to me while making a cup of tea that you might find it helpful to meet other people who have been in a same or similar situations to the one your in at the moment.

I think I would be right in saying that there are many 'single,seperated, divorced social groups' that meet socially in a pub. They are set up in many towns and cities and they advertise their existence in local newspapers and library notice boards.I have seen many advertisements, which is why I mention it.

It would give you to opportunity to hear from other people who have similar stories, in particular it would be nice if you were able to 'pal up' with another female whose been through/ or going through the same experience.

Your Solicitor can give you legal advice but there is nothing like hearing other peoples experiences and drawing strength and wisdom and common sense tips from other people in the same boat, or who have come through a difficult passage.

Through very unexpected and distressing circumstances I had to leave my home 11 years ago and it devastated me. I was very sick and could barely walk. I couldn't smile for 18months.However, I very slowly learnt to smile again and over a year or two things started to improve.

I'm telling you this so that you will know despite the shock, disappointment, devastation and severe financial adjustments etc that you are going through that things will eventually work themselves out and in a year or two, perhaps three you will be feeling so much better in yourself and will be able to enjoy life again.

All that is causing you distress now will be over and done with and you will be managing your life successfully.

This situation your going through is like a severe violent storm, but storms always always end.

Take solace and comfort in the fact that thousands and thousands of other people in the same situation as you are going through this violent storm. It will end. Violent storms. Then you will find the strength, by taking one day at a time to create a new life for yourself.

I googled 'middle aged men who leaves their lives forum' and it brought up a website in the USA. It looked interesting.

I have left a personal message for you.


Re:shock divorce - please help 9 years 4 months ago #14031

This thread is more about a divorce than a benefits query, and we are not qualified to give advice on divorce law, for that you need a qualified solicitor.

I don't think that we an offer more definitive advice on this topic, therefore I'm locking this thread.

If the original poster is unhappy about my decision, then please feel free to send me a Personal Message.

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