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PIP-even when they get it right they get it wrong! 3 years 10 months ago #208151

Delighted to hear today that after a PIP review my son has been awarded enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility. Backdated to a random date in November. Hurrah! He was previously on standard rate for both and I feared he was at risk of losing the mobility element because the Govt had changed the rules to discriminate against claimants with mental illness. Thank goodness that legal battle was won in the end. Benefits crusaders can sometimes triumph!
I can't tell you what a support B&W has been to me through this stress inducing process. I rely so heavily on the advice in your guides, which I follow to the letter. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
But even in this moment of relief and joy I am shocked at the incompetence and sloppiness of DWP! As well as finally scoring him more or less correctly on the descriptors that genuinely do apply to him, they have given him 2 points for washing and bathing and 2 for dressing. But we have never submitted any evidence that he has any trouble with these functions. It's gobsmacking! 4 points awarded completely spuriously!
Fortunately those points don't tip the balance - he scored 12 points for the things he genuinely has difficulty with - so my conscience doesn't trouble me in accepting the money and not pointing out to them how wrong they are. But they are wrong, all the same!
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PIP-even when they get it right they get it wrong! 3 years 10 months ago #208168


Congratulations on your son's award, well done.


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